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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to do some research and find an answer for the past few days but haven't gotten a for sure answer. I recently put an engine into a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with a 2.2. After getting it running I have noticed that the battery light is on and the alternator is not charging. I was pretty convinced it needed a new alternator until I pulled this picture up on Alldata about the wiring diagram for the alternator. It seems that this alternator is supposed to have a wire that connects the alternator to the starter? When I replaced the starter yesterday I definitely only connected the positive connection because I did not see the second connector running from the alternator.

The wire in question on the diagram is wire number 1. The only wire that I have connected to the starter in that spot is number 5.

My questions are these:

Is there supposed to be a connection running from the alternator to the starter?
And if there is, and it is not connected, would that stop the alternator from charging?

Thank you!
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Yes on wire from the alternator’s output to the starters battery terminal.
There should also be a wire from the starter battery terminal up the the jumper post at the fuse block. At the jumper post at the fuse block, there is a heavy wire that runs all the way back to the trunk to the battery.

So electrically, the alternator output connects to the battery via a jumper wire to the starter and jumper post then to the battery.....long way around the barn
The wire labeled #5 is the wire from the starter to jumper post at the fuse block, #4&#5 connect to the same terminal on the starter’s solenoid.
The big question is there anything connected to your alternators output at #1?
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