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Purple Heart Award:
Hit two deer and a guy cut me off causing an accident.

Bling Bling Award:
Easily over so I'm only going to list as many as I can quickly think of.
Turbo kit $700
YYZ V3 $360
Koni's $533
Gauges x5 ~$1000
Gauge pillar $70
Cluster bezel surround with dual gauge mount $90
Brembo swap $850
5 lug swap $420
Tune Trifecta $250
HPT $375
Turbo Tune $250
FE5 control arms $150
Cat Back $465
Powell trailing cabs $199
Powell Rotated transmission mounts $175
Rear LNF mount $40
Powell leading cabs $249
Used PF01's $700
SS/TC wheels $650
IRL wheels $200
Tow hooks $150
SS body $750
Powell XXX rear swaybar $280
TWM STS $220
TTR intake manifold $300
Pedals $90
Retro Headlights $400
Interior swap $250
SS/TC seats $500
Powell PCV $350
SS Cluster $90

I'm sure there's still a bit I'm missing

Think I'm well over by now

Racecar Award:
Taken from my local SCCA site, I only solo autocross.

Pimp My Ride Award:
I think I qualify with a full SS body swap as well as interior swap to both black and originally SS/SC seats and now SS/TC seats.
Start- base model 09


Old seats, sorry none of the SS/TC ones

Marathon Award:
I know, the only thing I don't really have picture proof of. I remember trying to average 35 MPG between home and school and doing it eventually and then getting up to 36 MPG, this was before I decided driving like that is no fun. I also managed 42 MPG highway on my way to my cabin going about 65-70 MPH behind a semi the entire time.

Master Mechanic Award:
Added a turbo and upgraded a supercharger.

Hope this is enough


Blinder Award:
Retrofit headlights

Muscle Man Award
This was my Ion Redline but I think it counts

Clean Look Award:
No more LS or rear bowtie.

No Mo 4x4 Award:

Thanks for the consideration, unfortunately I ran out of room in the title to put all the requested rewards in there.

Andrew Carr

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Kind of funny that's my first swaybar, I'm on number 3 because the first was a hardcore, second a XXX but the first gen so that bothered me then got a brand new one no no marks or anything on that one.

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I should apply for some, and I have got to be close to the bling award by now haha I gotta sit down and add stuff up later!

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Make one.

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Done, award given
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