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2008 LT

Codes p0700 and p0705

Vehicle intermittently (although has been fairly consistent recently) will not be able to shift out of park upon startup. After 45 seconds or so of the engine running, the traction control will shut off and displays message of SERVICE TRACTION.

After this, the car will always shift out of park, but now when I press/depress my brakes, there is a very audible click near the shifter. This will absolutely not click if unless traction control disengages. The car will also hard shift while traction control is OFF, and will also have loud almost drumming noises while braking. These sounds are never present unless traction control has been disengaged.

Car also randomly chimes, without any additional messages. And buttons such as the driver side trunk release button will not work while traction control is off. Once I shut car off however, button works!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Or had similar codes with resolutions?
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