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are these lights a good buy?

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im looking to buy some new headlights. are these a good buy? hid or led?

how hard to install would they be?

HID 05-08 CHEVY COBALT HALO PROJECTOR BLACK HEADLIGHTS:eBay Motors (item 150360976263 end time Aug-21-09 16:16:52 PDT)
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I personally think they're fine. hids go for $100 nowadays so
ur getting projectors for $100. Only thing is I think u have to wire up the halos
whats the difference between hid and led? which are better?
and what makes ya think that?
Well the halos are LEDs and the driving lights are hids. I would do that deal
HID is the headlights themselves and the LEDs are the three lights on top and than there are like 2 in each halo. Those are 1st gens and you have to do alittle splicing of wires to get all the lights to work, LEDs that is.
so how do i know if they are 1, 2, or 3 gen?
1st gens are what you are looking at, the second gens have CCFL halos(kind i have) and a CCFL strip over the halos and than 3 LED lights in the corner after the strip. The 3rd gens have LED halo rings and 3 LEDs under the halos.
It get those, but i want a more "stock" look.

What i want are chrome CCFL, but those cost $$$ :(
Yea, I have been debating on getting another set of CCFL's myself in chrome to change it up when I get bored but it is a pretty penny. Though alot cheaper for them than when I first got them, eventually they were decrease in price more. I am just waiting to see if there is another gen coming out soon.
May of been me who said that, all I know is I saw a sig on or some pic thread and there was another kind. I did some searching but have not seen anything so I have no idea if there is another set out there or if it was a custom job
I have the second gens too but I disconnected the led and halos. I just prefer it that way. Plus I painted them differently so they're not seen too much.
are the second gens plug and play?
Yeah they are.

Hey Beamer maybe your seeing the retrofits?
well then could you guys help me out in finding some good 2nd gen ones? i honestly cant tell the difference lol. preferably black instead of chrome.
Maybe they are retrofits Hail.

Stik, here is one set you are talking about for sale on ebay, may want to look to see if there is a better deal on there but these give you the idea of what you are looking for

05-08 CHEVROLET COBALT PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS CCFL HaloBK:eBay Motors (item 170370591978 end time Aug-16-09 21:41:22 PDT)
Did it only have one projector and not have the dual look?
do ya guys reccomend 2nd or 3rd gen more?
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