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I know, I've been gone for a while, but fear not not I am back, for now at least. I had made the jump to facebook for the groups, and simply since that it was easier, it kept me away from this forum and Well, I'm on deployment now so Facebook is blocked and I need my Cobalt fix. For those of you that know me I still have my LNF Sedan SS. I sold my HHR SS, and I bought a Ion Redline, and 2006 Cobalt SS, that is now a parts car. I'll probably be selling the Redline, but it needs a clutch, as far as I know.

Since I've been away from here, I moved back from California to Norfolk Virginia again. I dyno'd the car at the Cobalt Nation / Ecotec Nation Tail of the Dragon meet in October 2017 it made 300whp and 360tq on the stock turbo with a "canned" ZZP tune on 91. That year at the TOTD meet I won a K04R turbo. I installed the K04R retuned and data logged with HPT through ZZP and at the TOTD meet in 2018 I dyno'd again at 340whp and 355tq. The car now has about 135k miles on it, and has never let me down.

I have decided that since I'm deployed, now is a great time to stock up the parts I need to do some long awaited refreshing of my suspension, and drivetrain. As of now my list awaiting install for when I get home:
OTTP Stage 1 LNF Axles Drivers and Passenger
OTTP Engine Mount and Upper Trans Mount
OTTP Control Arm Bushings
LNF (FE5) Control Arms
OTTP Rear Sway Bar
OTTP Steering Rack Spacers
ZZP 3" Cold Air Intake
Moog K750428 Sway Bar End Links
Moog K200047 Sway Bar Bushings
Fresh NGK ILTR5D Laser Iridium Spark Plugs
Fresh ACDELCO Oil Filter
Fresh AMSOIL Signature Series Oil
and probably a few other things I can't think of right now...

Also hoping to add the ZZP Intercooler and Charge Pipe kit to this list before I get home in a few months. As well as fresh Brakes and rotors hopefully.

If anyone has suggestions on other things suspension or steering wise. I'm open to them.

So that's what I've been up to.... how's the rest of you guys been? Safe and health I hope. I'm kinda in for culture shock when I get home off deployment..... being trapped on th a ship for the last 165 days has kept us sheltered from the virus....
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