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This is the Official thread for "The Big Fall Meet" at the "Tail of the Dragon" which will be taking place on Friday October 7th and Saturday October 8th. The purpose of this thread is to keep this meet as organised as possible. We do not want everyone to have to look through 20+ pages for information and get frustrated.

As most of you know, I am a moderator with "Your Cobalt" and another forum, Some of you are already members of the other forum, for those that are not, the guys within the other forum are great, so do not be afraid to go because you do not personally know anyone else. There will be no bullshit at this meet, no fighting, no getting drunk and making an ass of yourself.

If you will be attending please leave your information in a post in this manner
Your Name:
Your Car:
Your Location:

I will start a list at the bottom of this page

Please do not say your coming if you are not even going to make an attempt to come. If you say you will be attending and have a change of plans and are not able to make it, please leave a post on this thread or PM me so that your name can be removed. This will help us make a more accurate plan.

I will be checking both threads frequently and making updates to this page, when I make updates I will post that updates were made in the original thread and I will bump this one. Please feel free to PM me if you see anything that is incorrect with this thread. I will be making updates to this thread over the next few days, so please be patient. I want to have everything separated and easy to navigate.

Allot of the info I will be using comes for the official Website.
Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC

What is 'The Tail of The Dragon?

Driving and riding enthusiasts from across the United States come to Tennessee to slay the Dragon, an 11-mile section of mountain road with 318 curves and elevation changes from 1962 feet above sea level to 877 feet above sea level. Known as the “Tail of the Dragon” this stretch of blacktop is on TN Hwy 129, near Deals Gap at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line.

The Tail of the Dragon is considered America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. In addition to its notoriety with driving and riding enthusiasts, the Dragon was the location for scenes in movies such as “Thunder Road,” “Two-Lane Blacktop,” and “The Fugitive.”

R32's drive the Dragon

YouTube - 2007 - Open Motoring, My MINI Convertible on the Dragon

Jalopnik Dragon Road Trip

The nearby Cherohala Skyway, TN Hwy 165, is quickly becoming another driving favorite with 60 miles of scenic mountain highway.

What is the Cherohala Skyway?

Cherohala Skyway website

The speed limit for the Cherohala Skyway is 45 mph in North Carolina. In Tennessee it is 40 mph and lower in the Tellico Plains Town Limits.
The Skyway is 17+ miles in North Carolina and 23+ miles in Tennessee.

The Full Loop, 140 Miles, multiple waterfalls, dams and pull-offs, with views at 6000 FT along the way.

Dates of "The Big Spring Meet"

The Date Is Set :) Friday October 7th, 2011 through Sunday October 9th, 2011

Who Can Attend This Meet

Anyone from YC or any other Cobalt, HHR, Solstice, SKY or G5. Bring your girlfriends, Boyfriends or Husbands or Wives.

What is planned so far.

We have allot of time to plan but here is a rough draft taken from the original thread.

-Friday: Friday will be the day for every one to get up/down there and just kind of meet each other (last part of that is if we get enough people to get group rates at some hotel/lodging place)

-Saturday: We will be hanging out, getting breakfast and what not in the morning. AT 10:30 am everyone is to meet at the Microtelinn Hotel in Robbinsville NC and we will leave no later than 11:00. We will be driving the full 140 mile loop, this will take several hours. We will leave the hotel and proceed to 143 to 28 which is the last leg of the moonshiners run. We will then turn onto 129 at the beginning if the Tail of the Dragon. Anyone who needs gas can get it here. We will follow 129 through the tail till we reach 72. We will take 72 to 411 where we will turn left and enter into the town of Vonore. From Venore we will follow 360 to the town of Tellico Plains. Anyone who nees gas can get it here. We will then take Cherohala Skyway (165 & 143) which will intersect with 129, where we will make a right and return back to the hotel. While driving the roads we will be stopping at multiple places and attractions to take pics/video as people want. We will be eating on the road (more info about lunch and dinner lower in the thread). We will finish the day by returning to the Hotel Parking lot

-Saturday Evening: Free to do what ever. Leave to go home, share pictures that were taken, cookout, hang out, BS, what ever you want.

-Sunday: ?

The address of the Dragon?

17555 Tapoco Road
Robbinsville, NC 28771

The Dragon itself is out in the woods and has no address. The address of our store is 17555 Tapoco Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771. It is located just a half mile south of the NC/TN state line where the Dragon technically begins. There are two stores at the Dragon. Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort is the large one with gas, motel and restaurant. We are located directly across the street. Tail of the Dragon.

Directions and Maps

Google Maps
Directions from Cherokee & Bryson City NC, and Townsend, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge TN
Directions from Asheville, Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Cherokee, and Bryson City NC
Directions from Chattanooga & Clevelend TN
Directions from Nasheville & Knoxville, TN
Directions from Atlanta, Gainsville, and North GA

Map with curve names
Maps of Deaths since 2000

What is the speed Limit?

The speed limit is 30 mph and we have seen hand held stationary radar and rolling radar on cars and bikes. Stay within reason and you will not attract undo attention from the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers). Please look at the radar map below.
Dragon Radar Map
Whole route radar map


There are not many Chain hotels in the area the only one close by is in Robbinsville, NC. Actually it looks like Robbinsville is the only town near by with anything as far as places to eat, stay, buy food, and get gas.
Microtel Inn
Robbinsville Town Map
Google Maps

You can see on the map below where Robinsville is compared to the Dragons Tail.
http://Map of full loop

Places To Eat

So far I have only found:

272 Rodney Orr Byp
Robbinsville, NC zip code

Wendy's Restaurant
347 Rodney Orr Byp
Robbinsville, NC zip code

Tips for driving the roads.

-Make sure your brakes are good.
-Use higher boiling point brake fluid.
-Make sure you have good tires and make sure you check the tire pressure.
-Get familiar with the dynamics of your suspension.
-Go easy on the first run and feel the road and twists
-Do not cross the yellow lines, there are so many blind turns, this is how 85% of the accidents on the Dragon happen.
-Do The speed limit, from what I understand and have read from other forums, cars like Evos, STI's and other high end sports cars max out at about 45-50 thru the turns.
-If the driver/rider behind you seems agitated with your speed, do not drive faster than you are comfortable. The road is littered with shoulder pull-offs. Stop on one of those, and let him pass. Once he's passed, do not try to keep up. While he may be a local who's been on the road dozens of times, he may also be a first-timer with no clue.
-Bring extra clothes, this is in March, never know when a break down can happen
-Bring some common hand tools, just in case.

Other Useful Links


Eating On The Run

We are going to be at least lunch and maybe dinner (depending on how long the drive takes). There are not many restaurants on the drive route, in fact it looks like we will only be passing through 3 small towns in 140 miles. We are going to stop chilihowee Lake, I have been told that there is a large pulloff there, This is a few miles after the end of the tail. I figure that if we start by at least 12 we will be there 12:45-1.

If anyone has a portable propane grill, like the small coleman camping grills please bring them, I will be bringing mine. If everyone could either bring a small cooler with your own food, or food to share that would be great. We are thinking mobile cookout people. I will bring the paper plates / bowles, forks, spoons, paper towels ect. There is a grocery store in Robbinsville and I'm sure it will have everything, but bringing a cooler from home would be better safe than sorry.

Things to maybe bring: hotdogs, rolls, coleslaw, potato / macaroni salad, chips, baked beans, ect or bring your own food, sandwiches ect.
Please bring your own drinks.
IF YOU WANT BOOZE BRING YOUR OWN, THE COUNTY IS DRY. (Just realize that bringing alcohol across a state line is illegal)
Just saying.

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I would but its a bit far from Missouri and since I'm still in high school living at home, my mom would kill me lol.

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May want to adjust the date to reflect next year (2012), as I am thinking it is a typo
Thanks Man, I did not notice that, at least i had it correct at the top of the page. I coped this thread from The Spring Meet in March. Thanks again..

On the other site its October 7th and 8th
Yea I messed up, it is the 7th and 8th of October plus Sunday if anyone wants to hang around. Thanks man..

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Maybe next year around that time, I'll be graduated and moved out. No college right away though so I'll be free.

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yea we had a big motorcycle meet there back in 08 shit was sickkk but there are some DUMBBBBBBB people out there guys/gals so please be careful...
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