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Thank for all of the information in the past.
The intermittent fan operation is no fun without AC @100F
With wiring diagram the connecter number and circuit it was quick work to find I needed.
Wiring looks like it got hot, connector looks slightly melted at one side

Blower Motor Connector Part Information
l OEM: 12064749
l Service: 12101888
l Description: 2-Way F Metri-Pack 480 Series (BK)

Terminal Part Information
l Terminal/Tray: See Terminal Repair Kit
l Core/Insulation Crimp: See Terminal Repair Kit
l Release Tool/Test Probe: See Terminal Repair Kit
Now up to local GM and see if Im lucky

Thanks Coby7

$0.67 for the connector and $0.37 each for the 2 pins @ mouser

829-12084595 for 3-5mm**2 wire ~10awg wire


Just called my local cheby steeler and asked parts, status & availability of the service connector.
Gave him
First the discriptor......08 cobalt AC blower motor. Connector & offered the OEM & service number.
He looked it up and said his system has one in stock....and said he would check....
Came back and said Yup that will be $29.35!!!
After the jaw drop and verified, he was offering me the wire harness from the motor to the next junction.
I asked if he had the connector service kit for this $0.67 connector body. He Said nope they sell 6-7 a month...

My bucks will not go to that steelership...l.l. Can we say...hello Mouser electronics

Select Product Detail
Customer Part #
Order Qty.
Status Date Invoice #

Mouser #: 829-12064749-B
Mfr. #: 12064749-B
Desc.: Automotive Connectors Automotive Connectors CON MP 480 2W FEM
2 $0.67 $1.34
2 Pending
Pending -

Mouser #: 829-12084595
Mfr. #: 12084595-L
Desc.: Automotive Connectors Automotive Connectors FMALE 480 SERIES TIN CBL RANG 5.24-3.49MM
4 $0.36 $1.44
4 Pending
Pending -

Will be shipped usps and here within 3 days
And I will keep the AC blower going for that long.

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Glad I could help! Don't know how weird I am and if anybody has the same feeling I get when I'm able to help a fellow Cobalter. I feel great!!!

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Every time somebody says Thank You and even when I never hear back ( which means their problem was solved ) it makes me feel warm inside. I can't explain it but it's almost like a first kiss.

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Drove the BC today ~130mi and by the time we were back home almost no air was coming out the registers.

Diverter valves all appear to be working
In 100F it takes no time to tell hot air at each vent as selected.
Fan motor has all speed functions.
New electrical connection & wires are not hot. Will chect the nect connector up stream of the fan.

It just feels like i may have sucked up a sock on the input side of the fan motor.

Heading out at sun rise to empty glove box and check air flow without cabin filter ( note new cabin filter installed in OCT ~5k mi ago)
Expecting +100F @>70% humidity

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Well we have another CFU
I am suprised the dash didnt collapse from all the negative pressure......

Checked the 1/2" long wires left on the old connector....."
Swapped wires and Oh my
I was almost blown out of the cabin when I turned on the fan motor!
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