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Yesterday my boss noticed that my rear brake lights had stayed on. Well it was only the third brake light. So I knew I hadn’t left the lights on. I looked at the brake light switch and tried to move it a bit to see if the lights turned off. They did. So I went ahead and ordered a new switch.

I removed the brake pedal assembly to have a look at what was going on. The switch may have actually been just fine. But I went ahead and installed a new one. But there is a rubber strip attached the the piece that touches the switches, there were two switches in there. I see there is an indention into the rubber strip from it being up against the switches for many years. So I may go ahead and try to find some rubber strip to replace it. Almost looks like double sided tape, but only having adhesive on one side. I’m not even sure they will make something like this that I can buy. I’m sure there’s something similar that’ll work the same.

But for anyone that’s wondering, there happens to the a rubber bump stop strip on the pedal that wears away and will cause the lights to stay on due to the excessive area between the pad and switch when it’s worn down.

Another solution I can think of is to drill a hole to put a round bump stop like Honda’s use, also other cars do also. But I have found they tend to deteriorate and will fall off. Just about every car I’ve had has had that happen at some point. Then the brake lights stay on.
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