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I have a 2008 cobalt LT and I keep having ball joint problems.
-Struts/both (entire strut replaced) FL under 6 months old. FR 15 months old
-New swaybar bushing and end links:1 month old
-New control arms: installed yesterday.
-Front hubs: about a year old.
-Front right spindle: Used replacement-installed 15 months ago:
*I have gone through control arms at an alarming rate.
*Today I installed new control arms and took the car to get aligned. The shop couldn't align because there's tons of play with the ball joints.
I installed (myself/ DIY job) ULTRA-POWER RK620302 & ULTRA-POWER RK620301 control arms from RockAuto.

*I reused the ball joint pinch bolts.
*I have rear drums and according to everything I've read, so that means I have the FE1 soft ride.
I'm at my wits' end. The last set of control arms lasted less than 4 months: ball joints had too much play.
I drive Uber for a living and haven't been able to work for over 10 days now. Can someone please help! I can't imagine the ball joints being bad, they felt stiff before installing. I can't fathom the ball joints going bad the 3 miles I drove to the alignment shop.
The alignment shop (pep boys) didn't have time to diagnose it and I don't have the money to.
Here is a video I took with the car on the lift
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