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So i have had this cobalt for about a year now its a (2007 Chevy Cobalt SS/NA 2.4L with 218,528 miles) since i have had it, i have noticed door controls on drivers side and passenger side are not illuminated like in other cars, when having the AC on the traction control light comes on every once in awhile, and the fuse for the injectors will pop if i have a 10 or 15A fuse in it, the fuel meter has also randomly just dropped and said low fuel or been full but still says low fuel, keep in mind the entire system except for injectors was done last July so i wouldn't expect issues ill take it tomorrow to see if that is the issue.

i have had a technician at gm look into the injector issue, he said one of the injectors were failing, so i replaced them and still had the issue until i stuck a 25A inside the slot (dont do this its really stupid and dangerous but its my daily and have not had issues yet) codes currently on the computer are for both o2 sensors due to zzp downpipe & shorty headers, misfire code from a bad coil (Fixed) and evap from bad purge solenoid(Fixed)

has anyone ran into the same issue or have recommendations? could it be a bad bcm, tcm or ecm? and if so how would i test it

(ill attach photos of the vehicle below) sorry long post and to much in this


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