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Thank you all for reading this post.
My cobalt has been running flawlessly for years until two months ago. It refused to start two months ago when I parked my car at a mountain top with very low fuel. After 2 or 3 gallons of gas was added, I managed to drive it back home. I immediately topped the gas tank then the nightmare started. It constantly stalled and struggled to start.
The local auto shop diagnosed the car then replaced the fuel filter, crankshaft sensor, and camshaft sensor. The car ran well for two days, then the same issue reappeared. The shop replaced the sensors again, as they suspect the replacement parts can be faulty. This time my car lasted for a month. Finally, the auto shop told me they could not figure out why.

So, here are symptoms of my car.
1. I managed to start the car initially, now it died completely.
2. The engine cranks but the car will not start.
3. When the key is on, the fuel pump does not prime, and there is no control signal on the fuel pump relay.
4. When I applied 12v to the fuel pump relay control pin, the pump runs and good fuel pressure was tested. I cranked the engine, still no start, only to smell unburned gas.
5. This indicates that the vehicle lost fuel and spark at the same time, and a bad crankshaft sensor seems to make sense.
6. But then what can make the sensor die frequently?
Any sort of help is greatly appreciated!
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