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Have a 2008 cobalt with 2.2 litre which I haven't been able to figure out.
Car has 320000kms on it. Manual transmission.
Bought the car and on the way home pressure washed the engine bay. Started fine and drove about 10 minutes. After shutting it off it would not restart. After waiting a but and replacing a buzzing relay in the underhand fuse box it started up. Drop it home, removed relays and fuses and blew out fuse box with compressed air.

After this car would intermittently not start but would crank. Jumped fuel pump relay and starts every time. Checked ground for fuel pump relay under coolant res and found badly corroded. Repaired ground. Starts good consistently. Also cleaned ground at engine/trans.
Started car about 10 times and a new problem occured.

It would click a few times as though the battery was dead and than would crank and start. Hooked up charger and would still do it with fully charged battery. Tested battery voltage and had 12.9v. After starting a few times it would click once than no start. No crank. After that no more clicking and nothing when the key was turned. Twice now the low fuel warning and power steering warning came on. No security light on.
Tried to hook up with scanner to read codes. No communication.

Let car sit a few days and had communication with scanner. No codes found. Car started once, than click and no start, than not even a click anymore and no more communication.

Checked all fuses and all were okay. Replaced fuse 25 along with a few others.
Checked continuity on data lines between ecm and bcm with ignition on. Both okay. Although these were tested when I did have communication with scan tool.

Applied dielectric grease to ecm and bcm connectors. Still no start. Tried another battery with no luck.

Any suggestions?
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