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Well forum was quiet today so I decided to change front sway bar bushings. Not a big job, just two bolts. Took a few pictures along the way if anybody is interested.

Jacked the front and removed wheel for better access.

Bolt holding the saddle bushing clamp has a 15mm head. Wasn't on tight I had no problem cracking it loose with the 3/8" drive.

Then went to the short handle ratchet because there ain't a lot of room especially driver's side.

It is a long stud maybe 50mm long(2") as you can see here and you will see later why it has to be long, because right now it don't seem to make sense.

New bushing for my 07 LS Sedan GM #20902786 18mm

The clamp is a little tricky to fit back into it's slot but no rocket science.
The reason the bolt is so long is because when you install the new uncompressed bushing you need a long bolt just to catch the threads even with a prybar pushing on the clamp, but with a little persuasion I got the stud started onto it's first thread.

A bit of anti-seize on the bolt and in she went.

Stabilizer Shaft Clamp Bolt torque specification;
50 N·m
37 lb ft

Took her out for a spin....Ah!!! I don't mind feeling a bump but I don't need to hear it (clunk-clunk)!!!

Feels like a new car again and only cost me $36. I like a cheap and easy fix.
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