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Hey Folks,

The name's Jon and I live in Nova Scotia in Canada. My wife and I just bought a 2006 LS Coupe in Arrival Blue with 40,000 kms on the clock.

We left England 12 years ago to come and live in Canada and we've since had two boys. It's the first time since our two salary days in England that we've had a 2nd car. We were looking for a small vehicle that's fun to drive and that has character and the Cobalt fits the bill in my opinion.

I have to commend you folks on the friendly community you have here and the wealth of helpful information you share on the forums. Your cars look great and I look forward learning and contributing while I make some mods to mine over the next year, or two, or three.


Short Term Mods:
- Remove faded plastic stripes from the doors.
- Remove stupid front license plate holder, once I find the correct damn tool.
- Remove scratches and small dents in the paint/body.
- Back window tint to match rear windows.
- Colour code wing mirrors.
- Winter tires ( Snow's on it's way /cry ).
- Fix condensation in passenger headlight.
- Paint Bowties.

Next Summer:
- New alloys and tires. Woot!
- Upgrade exhaust and intake, once I've learned how to do this.
- Still not 100% happy with the LS bumper so I might change it.

Longer Term:
- Read my Haynes manual :bigsmile:
- Seat covers.
- New headlights.
- Interior upgrade.
- Look into lowering.
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