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Well here i am again wit a new mod that will benifit, seen this somewhere else and thought id try. its good from what a dealer told me cuz it takes less heat from the transmission and also the radiator cuz the radiator cools both the engine and transmission at the same time so adding another cooler will keep the engine and transmission cooler.

OH I nor is responsible for any damages done to your vehicle so if your not comfortable doin this i suggest you take it to a shop to get professionally done.

ok now onward
NOTE: Make sure you allow your car to cool down before you start or youll get burnt by hot oil!!!!!

First youll need the transmission cooler, I got mines at autozone for about $45
next youll need two pair of vise grips (Suggest the small ones)
dextron 6 long
filler tube (long one to reach the transmission filler hole)
3/8" hose menders
extra hose if you believe the hose that came with the trans cooler is to short
Radiator fasteners
hose clamps
jack stand
and time

ok first you wanna put together your cooler with the hoses attached with the hose menders also, make sure there very tight before you continue.

you wanna make sure the top ones a bit longer then the bottom cuz it has more length to reach

New you wanna jack up the driver side of the car (use jack stands to be safe)

After youve jack it up look for the bottom return line from the transmission

next you wanna use the vise grips and clamp a little from the beginning and a little from the radiator hose parts like so (Dont clamp to tight or your cut threw it)

Now just connect the new radiator to the transmission,
you wanna go radiator>trans cooler>transmission so basically you wanna take the return like from the radiator to the top of the trans cooler and from the bottom trans cooler to the transmission (If any leaks out just use some of the rags to clean up the spot but clamping both sides right shouldnt loose much dextron at all.)

Ok after youve managed to get that hooked up and tightined here comes the tricky part.

take the placers off on both sides

next remove the radiator brackets on both sides

now unscrew the tow bolts that have it connecter and let it dangle a little. Now you wanna take the newly added trans cooler and mount it to the A/C cooler. After you haved unscrewed it you can now manage in the back of the A/C cooler, now grab your radiator fasteners and fasten it to your cooler. (This is the hard part)
I chose to mount mines sideways but you can mount it anyway you feel it will work for you just note that the position you have it mounted you may have to add or subtract the hose to compensate for the position its in.

Now after youve managed to hook up your trans cooler to your A/C cooler attached it back up and screw the screws back in to hold it in place. Now start putting it together.

Now depending on if you lost alot of dextron when you sliced the lines time to refill a bit to make up that extra cooler bein added.

Im sure you can see down infront of the driver side transmission theres a filler cap to the transmission. remove it and get your long filler tube and manover it down so you can get it in the hole. added a little less then half of the dextron 6 inside then close it up. new get the car off the jackstands and keep it level. start the car and let it idle for a little while so the transmission and send fluid threw the new cooler while thats happening go back down and check for leaks and see if any of comin from anywhere, if it is turn car off go tightin it up, whip it down and turn the car back on. after youve let it run and idle for a good 5 mins check for leaks again, then put it in drive or reverse and move for a few seconds. check for leaks, if no leaks take it on a test run. when you come back check for leaks again. If no leaks then your good to go, youve just added your new transmission cooler.

Note I cant stress this enough make sure you check for leaks and dont overlook anything. Whip down if youve found leaks check again, and always clean up after yourself we are all adults here.

I hope this helps and adds to your collection. Be safe
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