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I made this set of headlights about 2 weeks ago for my own personal use, but I prefer my FX35 retrofitted headlights over these. I just want to see if theres any interest in them.

-Blacked out
-Amber lens removed
-Custom steel brackets made to secure projectors ($25)
-Fully adjustable (up and down) using stock adjuster
-E55 Bi-xenon projectors ($100-$150)
-ZKW Clear lens replacements for sharp, colorful cutoff ($50)
-OEM Mercedes E55 shrouds used ($60)
-OEM Cobalt Headlights ($125)
-Labor (about 24 hours total)
-2 6000K D2S (standard OEM projector size) bulbs with about 4 hours use on them. ($30) These bulbs DO have AMP aftermarket connectors on them so they will work with your existing aftermarket ballasts. You will need to run a custom wire harness in order to get the high beam solenoids to activate. I can refer you to where to buy one for $20.
-I will include 2 amber bulbs for the turn signals since the amber lens has been removed.
-Solenoid plugs ARE included as well!

I really intended to use these but while the output is MUCH, MUCH improved over stock halogens, and any aftermarket projectors out there, I just like the width that my FX retrofit provides.

I have been a member of the HIDPlanet for over 2 and a half years so I know how to retrofit. This is my 8th set of Cobalt headlights.

*The E55 OEM shrouds used do have some scratches on them, nothing than can be seen more than a foot away though.

I'm considering selling this spare set since I'm really not going to have much use for it. ***These will NOT come with any ballasts or a wiring harness***

The cutoff on these lights is not perfectly straight. I got it pretty damn straight for my first attempt at using the custom steel bracket mounting method. I usually just mount to the stock reflector.

These lights are sealed up with the OEM sealant, and 2 layers of fully waterproof window weld. The stock rubber boots fit into the backs very tightly and will not allow any water or dust to enter the rears.

I'm asking in the ballpark of $250 PLUS shipping (going to be between $30-$40) for these. If there is any interest, send me a PM and we'll take it from there. I'm taking a huge hit on these. I did not expect to want to sell them. There is well over $400 invested in these, not including all the time they took.

I can provide any references needed. I have 100% positive ebay feedback with over 125 transactions, and many HIDPlanet feedback from selling over there.

***As I did the best possible job I could do on these, I cannot accept any responsibility if they do somehow leak***

Please see the pictures on my car.

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