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Like many people my electric door locks where troublesome. Some worked some didn't, some went on and off when driving, some went on and off when putting vehicle in park. I didn't really want to search for shorted wires, or replace and reprogram control board etc....So I came up with a work around, to keep the security system from arming when exiting vehicle and going off when entering vehicle.
Step 1: pull door lock fuse at pass floorboard.
Step 2. Remove plastic kick panel drivers side by hood release lever.
Step 3. Get to the two wires that go to the push button door open/close sensor, can reach with your hand after pulling the rubber piece back behind kick panel.
Step 4. Cut the 2 wires going to door sensor. This creates an open in electric circuit. Tape both wire ends so they cant contact each other and stuff them back in and replace rubber piece insert.
Step 5. Repeat with process with passenger side door, if four door you do the same process w back doors by popping off plastic on the pillar posts.
This tricks computer to think doors are always closed, prevents security from arming, and honking flashing lights when you get back into vehicle. The only downside is the dome light wont turn on with doors opening and you have to let the stereo shut off by timing out after you exit the car. You can hit the power button on stereo shutting it off, then only the clock will remain lite up until that times out in a few mins. This option made the most sense to me as I didn't wanna put anymore time and money into car. Can still use keys to get in and use the manual locks. Stupid security system is now bypassed, no more horn honking and disco show when I open my doors. ENJOY!
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