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ok im looking into getting a different car, but the cobalt needs to be gone before i can get it. so for now this is a feeler, but im open for any price, trades, or anything im selling.

first off:
i will sell everything on it for $7500 firm.

heres the DL on the car

bought it two years ago. ive owned it for two years 2 months. i am the 2nd owner of the car and it was perfect when i got it. i bought it with 44k miles on the speedo. it now has 81k, and its my DD so the miles slowly go up everyday.

Pros:-car runs absolutely perfect. oil is changed at 20% oil-life every time and i clean the k&n filter everytime also.

-the car was repainted by me in my auto body class. the spoiler holes, the trunk keyhole, and the antenna have been shaved.

-the color is 2010 honda volcano gray.
i am the only cobalt with this color

Cons: -i didnt clearcoat the fresh paint enough on the front bumper and its starting to rock chip a little but nothing crazy.

-its only been painted for about a month, and it hasnt had the clear coat flawls worked out of it yet, but nothing so hard work cant do.

-the rims have some slight rust on the lip because of whoever had them before me and a couple of bends, but still hold air and roll perfect.

-the tinted the windows myself to 20%. they arent perfect, because im not perfect but they still look good and i havent had any complaints.
-the back window is not tinted because im incapable of doing it without a heat gun that i dont have.

on with the rest of the car:
everything thats on the car, ive done to it.
i dont really know where to start with everything so ill just put it down as i go.

heres what the car used to be, its honestly been so long i cant even find any pictures of it when i first got it so this is as close as it gets.

since then, a lot has changed.

heres what it looked like after a year.

it was lowered on sportlines, and my old rims were painted dark blue metallic.

there was a few changes in between there also.

Fast Forward to now:

-2.2 L61
-Airbox mod w/ K&n Filter
have the engine cover still also
-2.4 intake manifold
-resonator delete, also have the old one.
-at 70kmiles i put injectors in it that had 15k on them.
also have the old injectors.

all these suspension components have under 5k on them.
unless mentioned.

-2 brand new axles, right axle has 800 miles on
-moog endlinks 800 miles
-poly control arm bushings, put on sometime this past Fall
repainted the control arms theselves = rust free
-new outer leftside tie rod end. 300 miles
-FE5 struts / FE3shocks
-Ksports lowering springs 800 miles
-Aligned 800 miles ago when the Ksports, axles, endlinks, and tie rod were put on.
-also have stock 18mm and 24mm bushings for front sway bar

-Recently repainted as stated above.
-2010 honda volcano gray
-was rust-free, was rust-free to begin with
-spoiler holes, keyhole, and antenna shaved.
-Tail and Corner lights tinted. Cleared with actual gun, and waxed and buffed
-no window stickers
- 20% tint on drivers, passengers and back side windows, and 20% deflector strip on windsheild
-Black OEM headlights
-Silverstar bulbs

I bought them off of my friend so i dont know what model they are, but they are
-Drag 17's wrapped with 215/45/17 tires.
-tires are basically brand new still 90-95% tread
-Stock 4 lug steelies w/ hub caps
(tires have 65%tread used only in winter)

This will probably be the downfall of the whole car lol.
but here goes:

my plan was to get everything painted black, the headliner, a-b pillars, and visors wrapped in material.
never got around to it.
but if i have a serious buyer, i will get t wrapped in black material.

-interior trim pieces are painted almost the excact color of the car.
-silver face HVAC controls (looking for trade for black)
-stock black glovebox (still have stock tan one)
-i have black rear window panels also i can throw in there
-none of the interior is in right now because i never got around to painting it black.
-everything is clean and ready to put back, which i willl do if i can get a buyer.
(i am not painting them black for the buyer, but i will reassemble everything back in)
-front speakers are blown (everyone knows stock ones are junk)
-one blue drivers side neon
-HVAC controls light up blue
Equalizer and Amp Wires for Sub and Amp
-Cavalier short shifter with painted knob color of dash trim (not SHORT THROW)
also have spare shifter thats a little taller and stock knob
-the passengers seat is ripped.
-trunk has green neon that turns on when trunk is opened
-also, door and trunk jambs are painted

i think thats it for the interior.

I also have a:

- Low-rise spoiler mint 50$
- a bunch of other little things i can throw in there for free

heres some pictures, but if you go to my facebook you can see every picture in step my cobalt has ever looked like

I can also get close up of anything you wanna see.

engine bay is flat black now. and engine components are also painted flat black

my name is Sam if you want to add me to facebook

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i like that new colour haha but i already have a ls wat im curious in is do you have any clips of that tc exhaust on the car im interested depending on how they sound

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it looks good grey. good luck on your sale. free bump

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im only selling this stuff if the car sells. sorry guys.

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i forgot to mention the clutch still feels brand new and still shifts smoothly.

perfect car for anyone wanting to put a little more money in it to tc or sc

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thanks man. im hoping i can get 75 out of it atleast i dont really wanna go lower, even though i know its just an LS

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That looks to be about on par with the KBB Suggested Retail Price for the average 2005 LS Coupe with 81K on it.

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well thanks for throwing that in there lol. i never even looked! i owe 7 on it, but id like to get 75 since i have many parts, time and effort put into it.

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wish i had the cash and u were in tx. i need it bad for a dd.

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ive actually decided to LOWER the price down to $7000.

but this does not include the rims/tires, strut bar, or hids. unless you want everything for $7400
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