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Hey guys, I'll put this up here and keep this tidy and moderated. I am looking for FAQ's that people have for the forums, so the new members can see this and get more information. So let me get this up and going and I'll start with a few FAQ's.

1. How many posts do I need to have before I can post in the Classified/Market place?

A. 35 posts is what you need to reach before being able to post in the classifieds. Please note that it may take a little bit of time for that to switch over for you to be able to get access to post there, so if you hit 35 posts and can't post in there right away, give it a little time for the server to make the changes.

2. How do you post pictures?

A. Well, first you will need to sign up with a photo hosting place (Photobucket, and imageshack are the two best, and free). Once you have signed up with them, you will upload your photos from your computer to your account on these places. Now, once you have your pictures uploaded, you only need to follow these steps to post the pics here:

3. What are social groups and where can I find them?

A. Social groups are people that have started a "group" or "club" around the same area to have somewhat personal chats, as well as offer gatherings and meets to others with cobalts, and members. These can actually be really good and helpful when it comes to getting help with working on your car, as you can see who the local people are to you and see if there is anyone who might be able to help.

Now to find the Social groups, you can either Click Me , or you can go to the navigation bar at the top of the forums, click where it says "Quick Links", then click Social Groups. At the bottom of the box at the right, it will say "Show All Groups", click that and it will show you all groups that are currently created and running.

4. What is the Vehicle Showoff?

A. The vehicle show off is basically like your garage. It is a way for you to post pictures, mods, and general talk about your car specifically. It is YOUR show off, so show it off. Here is how you make one : You go to the Vehicle Showoff Forum (Near the Bottom of the main index page), and you follow these rules


A. These are the Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly contests for YourCobalt. Every month a new YCOTM contest comes up. There are 5 contestants that are able to enter and once they are set, the polls begin. From there ANYONE on the site that is registered is able to vote one time for the car of their choice. At the end of the month, the winner is announced and a new contest begins. Every quarter, the YCOTQ comes up! This is a contest that is like the YCOTM, however, it is not open for entry. The YCOTQ contestants are the winners of the YCOTM polls from that quarter, and it is the same way for the YCOTY (the winners of the (quarter contests are the contestants for the Year). The winners of these contests get a badge with their name so everyone knows they are a winner of the polls (for now, working on better prizes for the Quarter and Yearly winners).

6. Why don't I have a profile?
A. You need to follow the validation/activation link in the e-mail that was sent to you upon registering your profile for the site. Once you click the link in the e-mail, it will register your profile and you can start editing and adding stuff to your profile as well as start your own garage and social groups.

7. What do I do, or where do I go if I'm having an issue on the site with errors and things not working?

A. Well first thing you can do if you're already registered and have an activated account, you can go to the tech support forums and make a thread there ( If you are a registered guest but don't have an active account and can't get it activated (or can't post here to let someone know), We have a Facebook page for this reason exactly! ( Go there and send us a message and an admin will get back with you to resolve your issue.

8. Why can't I see the marketplace?

A. You need 35 posts on YC to not only post in the MP, but also you need 35 posts to SEE the MP. Any threads with selling, trading, buying or anything like that out of the MP will be locked and deleted. If you want to sell/trade/buy something, make 35 posts on here and you will get access to the MP (NO EXCEPTIONS). The change is NOT immediate, it may take up to 24 hours at the longest to show the MP. Moderators and Super Moderators are NOT able to do anything about this. Admins can, but even then the changes are not immediate and could take up to 1 hour after they make the change for you to see it. Just FYI

9. What are the awards? How do you get one?

A. The YC Awards are just a little thing to have some fun on the forums. It is also a way to let others know what you have done and been through with your cobalt! Getting them are really easy. Just check here :

10. What is a PM? Am I able to do it?

A. A PM is a Private Message. Yes you are able to PM someone! All you do is you click on their name in the upper left hand corner of their post. A drop down box will drop down. There is a link that says "Send Private Message", click that.

11. I am looking for people close to me to hang out with or get help from. Where can I go to do this?

A. Well this is easy. We have regional forums on the boards specifically for this reason :).

12. How do I report a post or person?

A. If for any reason you feel someone is being beyond rude, or breaking the rules or anything that you think needs an immediate staff to take notice of, you can report the post. The report is generated and ALL staff members will be notified of this. We do have staff online 24 hours a day and most of them (including this admin here) have alerts that are sent to their phones, so any time a report is made, you will ALWAYS have a staff member look into it. This doesn't mean a staff member will always SAY something in the post, or edit or delete or anything like that, this just means the staff member will look into the issue and address it as necessary. To report the post tho, you go to the upper right hand corner of the post, there is an "!" on a warning sign button. Press that. Follow the prompts. Sound good? Don't hesitate to report something if you're offended or anything like that. The Staff here strive to keep this a friendly and open community and free of harassment, bullying, and other negative vibes.

IF you guys have anymore you want added, feel free to put them here and I will add to the list. I'll be adding more later myself, just don't have all the time to do that right now.:thanks ALSO, if you have a LINK to support your answer to the FAQ's you submit, PLEASE POST IT HERE TOO! As some of these FAQ's will have links for the answers (will help the people who really don't know how to use the search feature).

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I have an activated account and am still not able to post an avatar or profile picture. I tried using gifs, jpgs and png files to no avail. I went back to my original email, clicked on the link and the following message: your account has already been activated, so please try logging in.

Is there some instructions posted somewhere to help me out?

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What is the post count need to be able to access and then post in the classifieds?

Nevermind, I've found it. I would have called it classifieds and not marketplace based on the quick links.

Market Place Rules and Regulations:
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