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Ok, so I have a bunch of random stuff for sale. Crappy cell phone pics available on request.

stock belt
stock pulley
stock injectors
stage 2 pulley
2.9 pulley (nates machined finish, painted black for stealth affect)
nates allen style bolts
stock airbox piece
stock air filter
3" magnaflow tip

the 2.9 is still on the car, and will be until my 2.8 gets here in a couple days

Ok, I don't know that much about stereos. but I have a bunch that I'll never use again. Here are links to all of them, I can get some craptastic cell phone pics if needed. The Kenwood is in the best shape because I only used it for a couple months before I sold the car it was still has the remote and the faceplate case. The rest are in good shape, and work just fine. I hooked the Panasonic and Pyle units up and played a DVD and it played fine.

CD Receivers - KD-SX770

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Panasonic CQ-DVR909U In-Dash DVD-Audio/Video Player/Receiver at PENDING SALE

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Pyle PLTV5N In Dash 5 Monitor & AM/FM TV Tuner at SOLD

Kenwood KDC-MP228 CD receiver with MP3/WMA playback at

the last piece is a sending unit, just a box with RCA cables coming out of it

And NO none of these are stolen, lol. I just always pull the stereo out of my cars before I sell them.

And lastly I have $260 in RentAll cards, they have no expiration date...might be worth something to someone else, but not to me, at least not at the moment. I also have $50 for Office Max, but they expire mid February.
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