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Been driving the car regularly and havent had a single problem or anything that would make me think it could be linked to this problem
50,000 miles, no leaks, slips etc nothing

Drove the car tonight and parked it on a flat parking lot
I put the car into park and shut it off normally
Went to leave the car starts fine with no warnings
I go to select reverse by normal method of foot on brake first and then shift to reverse
the shifting felt odd like it wasnt selecting or the feeling you would normally get of the transmission going through gears, almost like the cable is broke kind of feeling

No error codes no oddities at all with anything on the dash speedometer, tachometer etc.
Car revs fine, I will assume TCM is fine

Was hoping to get some ideas on what i should do first to try and fix this
Thankyou everyone


Today I took apart all the center console to have a look around and found nothing unusual
Cable is still attached to shifter
No bend up or broken parts

I was able to have a buddy manually move the gears into R N D from under the hood
and then I drove the car home fine

With that being said while moving the gears into position, it doesnt move the shifter inside so I am thniking I have a broken cable from the other end under the hood somewhere


Trying to figure out a way to remove the cable to have a look but a single clip is giving me a ton of grief 4 hours of it, afraid I may break something here
its a Metal clip with 2 fingers (pictures below)

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