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Tried to post a few pics but you cannot do alot and I wanted to show my car from when I got it too what its at now. Did not get all the pics I wanted, like some of the sound system, nitrous setup and such but eh.

here is a 2:35min slideshow from first day of ownership to a few days ago. Pics are not in exact order besides the last few


18in Riaxx Wheels on Stocker rubber(cause the tread is still good)
Dezod Endlinks first set(I was the g-pig on these, work great)
Dezod Front and Rear Bar
Projector Halo Headlights(2nd gens)
Led smoked outter tails and smoked inners
Stage II
ZZP Head and Downpipe
GM Performance catback exhaust(love the sound, why I have not changed-yet)
OTTP Heat Exchanger
2.9 Pulley
60 Lb injectors
Nitrous Sniper Kit
Custom Tuned with HP Tuners
Memphis 10in sub and 400w amp in custom box
Drilled and slotted rotors(had to take off for "turning" but going back on)
Ingalls Torque damper(actually did help wheel hop)
MRZ Plug cover
MRZ Door Sills
Painted Bowtie
CF SS Hood
Lambo Kit

Much more to come of course


managed to do a music vid
YouTube - Beamers '07 Cobalt SS/SC

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Looks good! I like
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