*Update: Sorry for not making it on sooner. A few days after posting I found a newly received 2005 w/ Fogs at the Ft. Lauderdale LKQ. It was a 500-mile round trip, but we got so many other parts I feel it was worth it. The harness and fogs are in, now just need to find someone who can program the BCM. But I'm waiting until I completely check all ground points as recommended and see if I can find one that's loose/corroded and causing the random electrical issues I'm experiencing (such as right front turn lamp not working even though not blown, rear defogger not working, trunk light not working, steering wheel radio controls being flaky and remote entry only working if within 12 inches of the receiver module) and pray it's not the BCM.馃

I feel like this may be an exercise in futility, but I'm looking for a factory harness which includes the connections for fog lights for a 2005-2006 Chevy Cobalt. I've been checking the local LKQs with no success. The only one I found was in a 2005 which ended up being crushed 2 days before I was able to make it to the Pickyouropart lot, all the others I've found are either lacking the fog light connections or the wrong years.