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Initially, I thought it sounded like a bad lifter, but then you added more info, which kinda confused me.

These car's don't have a conventional drive shaft. They have (what are known as) Half or Axel Shafts. An oil change shouldn't affect / effect this in any way.

What do you mean, it ususally starts up when you slow or stop? Does this mean, when you start the car it shakes right away or do you have to drive it and THEN it shakes when you're braking? Does it happen when going around turns (which would also indicate a 1/2 or Axel shaft)?

If it's doing this when you initially sart the car, then it's most likely an internal engine problem. These Ecotec's do NOT do well, when starved of oil. These aren't like the old Iron Duke's that were in Cavaliers. Those things ran off of neglect and abuse. In these Ecotec's, if the oil is 200 miles too old, you can run into all sorts of problems!!!

Either way, we need a LOT more information from you:

1). What is / was the weather like when it was running well after the oil change?
2). When excatly does the car shake and when does it not?
3). Any Check Engine Lights?
4). What did the oil look like when it was chaged?
5). Does it shake when the car is in park and at idle / Does it shake when it is idling, but you're on the brake?
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