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Ok so today i pulled into my spot put my car in park then went to turn it off and pull the key out. i couldnt pull it out so i restarted it and re did the whole process. well i couldnt get it out. i took it to pepboys and they said they dont have the part. has this happened to anyone? i found the release key button but i dont want to have to keep pressing that everytime i want to get out of my car.

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th only time this happened to me was when i had a losse wire connected to my battery. If you have a system ro anything else hooked up to your battery it could **** up the connectiona nd if it gets loose enough to lose power, your key will get stuck in the ignition until the car gets connectd back.

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another thing i discovered when i put an aftermarket auto shift knob in my car there is a switch thing that if the car is not fully in park you cant take the key out. for you auto owners just hit the button on the shifter and listen you'll here a click in the steering column. just something else to check.

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There is a known problem with the balts keeping the keys. The shifter (if it's automatic) has a switch made inside of it that tells your BCM that you have it in park. When it sees this, it will release the key. Sometimes this switch goes bad and you can't get your key out of the cylinder. The whole shifter has to be replaced to fix this.


#06-07-30-004C: Various Concerns with Shifter and/or Ignition Key (Replace Shifter Assembly/Shifter Components or Ignition Lock Cylinder) - (Jun 27, 2006)

Subject: Various Concerns With Shifter and/or Ignition Key (Replace Shifter Assembly/Shifter Components or Ignition Lock Cylinder )

Models: 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit (Canada Only)

2007 Pontiac G5

with Automatic Transmission 4T45-E (RPO MN5)


This bulletin is being revised to add models and model years. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 06-07-30-004B (Section 07 - Transmission/Transaxle).


Some customers may comment on any of the following concerns:

• The shifter is hard to move or binds.

• They cannot remove the ignition key.

• It takes high effort to rotate the key.

Cause 1
The shifter button may be sticking in the handle.

Cause 2

The pin that activates the micro-switch may have moved out of position (refer to illustration above). This causes the micro-switch to fail to engage when the vehicle is placed in Park. If this condition is present, the customer will not be able to remove the key from the ignition.

The illustration above shows the switch in a correct position.

Cause 3
Metal flashing left in the cylinder may cause a high effort to rotate the key.

Cause 4
The slider may be binding in the guides. This may cause the shifter to become difficult to operate.

Correction 1
Verify that the shifter button is inoperative by evaluating if the park pawl pin on the shifter assembly moves when activating the button. If the parking pawl does not move when the button is activated, the shifter handle will have to be replaced. Refer to Floor Shifter Control Knob Replacement in SI.

Correction 2
Important: A change has been made to the shifter assembly for service. The replacement shifter assembly will read PRNDIL (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Intermediate and Low).

Verify that the micro switch is out of position. Replace the shifter assembly. Refer to Floor Shifter Control Replacement in SI.

Correction 3
Important: Refer to instruction sheet that is supplied with the lock cylinder kit. BO 47869 is an essential staking tool and must be used for the repair.

Replace the ignition lock cylinder. Refer to Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement in SI.

Correction 4
Replace the slide indicator and guides in the shifter following the procedure below:

Apply the parking brake.
Remove the upper console trim. Refer to Trim Plate Replacement-Console Front in SI.
Remove shifter knob. Refer to Floor Shifter Control Knob Replacement in SI.
Remove the indicator plate. Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to release the locking tabs.
Remove the shifter indicator lens.
Pull up on the indicator and remove it from the assembly.
Remove the two front rails by unsnapping the front and lifting up, and then back, to remove the rails from the shifter assembly.
Install the new guides. Place the hook end into the assembly and push down. It will snap into place.
Install the new slide indicator. With the transmission in neutral, place the slide over the shifter and into the guides. Move the slide indicator down the guides in the front and rear.
Important: Replace the shifter indicator lens if damage is present due to the slider binding or if it becomes damaged during disassembly.

Install the shift indicator lens.
Install the shift indicator plate.
Install the shifter knob. Refer to Floor Shifter Control Knob Replacement in SI.
Install the upper console trim. Refer to Trim Plate Replacement-Console Front in SI.
Parts Information
Part Number Description Qty

15244165 Control Asm, A/Trans 1
15825311 Cylinder Kit 1
22706231 Handle, A/Trans Cont Lvr (Model AL with MN5, TY8, VY7) 1
22706232 Handle, A/Trans Cont Lvr (Model AJ, AK and MN5; Model AL with MN5 [exc VY7])1
22719080 Handle, A/Trans Cont Lvr (Model AL with MN5, VY7 [exc TY8]; Model AM with MN5; Model AL with MN5, R1V) 1
15872229 Slide Indicator 1
15872228 Guide - Rails 2
15872230 Lens 1

Warranty Information
For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:

Labor Operation
Labor Time

K5225 Control Assembly, Floor Shift - Replace
Use Published Labor Operation Time

E7200 Cylinder, Ignition Lock - R&R or Replace

K5111 Handle, Automatic Transmission Control Lever - Replace

C9744* Shifter Bind - Replace Slide, Guide and Lens
0.3 hr

* This labor operation is for bulletin use only. It will not be published in the Labor Time Guide
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