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Hey my name is mike im new here but im mosly on LCN.... just bored tonight and saying hi

Heres my 2006 ss/sc... alot done to it.

b&m short shifter
CF hood
CF wing
racing seats
chrome blower
ported and polished
innovate wide band controller
pioneer nav system
stage 3 inner cooler end plate
#60 injectors
after market innercooler
enkie racing wheels
magnaflow full race exaust
LED underglow "red"
drilled and slotted rotors
hawk pads
lowering kit
window tint
and more
also more to come

Here's what it looked like summer 2009

JELIZA with my car :D befor we work on it

Ok this is how she sits now im my garage

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already on the list
good i'll see you there then.. i'll probably be the only one with a mazdaspeed instead of a Cobalt.. but thats off topic and will tell you in the random thread if i happen to catch you in there.
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