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Sorry I didn't have my camera when I did this but I can try and get pics on another date.

I did this by myself and would recommend you get someone to help you out if you can. It will take less time this way.

Tools used:

  • 8mm combination wrench
  • adjustable crescent wrench
  • clear flexible rubber tubing
  • 1 Bottle of Valvoline Synthetic Dot3 and Dot4 Brake fluid.
Start with the Passenger Rear location first.

  1. Open the bleeder screw using the 8mm wrench
  2. Attach the tubing.
  3. Then pump the brakes to allow the fluid to run through the tubing.
  4. Check every few pumps to make sure the reservoir stays full this will prevent air getting into the lines.
  5. When the fluid coming down the tube is no longer dirty (the clearer the better) close off the bleeder.
Repeat with Drivers' side Rear.

The bleed screws on the front are larger than the rear. So I used a adjustable crescent wrench.

Repeat with Passenger Front.

Repeat with Driver Front.

Cost to do it myself $8. for a bottle of fluid.
Garage wanted over $90.00. to perform this service.
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