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This how-to was written by forum member COBY7, his post was within another thread so I moved it here. Good write-up with pictures!

In the kit you get...

Aftermarket Rostra 250-1775 for 2007 Cobalt

Rostra 250-1775 pictures by Coby007 - Photobucket

Pictures are numbered in lower righthand corner .

1.) Disconnect both battery terminals. (Found battery in trunk with spare tire) 10mm socket needed.

2.) Remove fuse box kick panel held in with 3 snaps, so just pull straight towards you at bottom.

3.) Remove cup holder by prying from the front.

4.) I removed frame around fuse box (3 screws) for better access but you don't need to (7mm heads on screws).

5.) Installed ground wire tab under 10mm nut on lower left of fuse box.

6.) Push 2 little blue tab to remove BCM plug cover so you can insert gray wire female pin in position 61 next to white/black wire(62).Picture slightly out of focus sorry.

7.) Clamp ''T'' connectors onto the 2 pink wires coming out of slot 7 of big red main connector and insert light blue and red wires.

8.) Tie wrap wires.

9.) Install transmitter just by lightly pulling on steering wheel cover.

10.) Get it activated with Tech II. It works great.

11.) Receiver installation which I stuck inside console with double sided tape after testing voltages on pins.

Hope this helps somebody!

Here is the Tech II procedure if you have one handy.

The Tech II uses menus in menus system so it's a long process but a simple one. Here's what I did.....

Connected Tech II;
Entered disgnostic setup then selected year, mine is a 2007...

Mine is a Chevrolet...

Mine is a passenger car... get the drift?...

Mine is an "A" body...

BCM is part of the body...

Select Body Control module...

In this next menu you can Setup BCM.

Enter BCM config setup...Answer YES

Then I enabled the Cruise Control in the BCM in with RFA,A/C ..... * means enabled

Then press the save option button. You're done!

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