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Radwood, for those unfamiliar, is the preeminent car show for 1980s and ’90s nameplates—not just exotics, but the crap you and your parents drove back when the Web was something a spider made. Radwood holds shows all over the country, celebrating not just the cars but the culture surrounding them.

Since the ongoing pandemic means people can’t go to Radwood, the organizers are bringing Radwood to our homes. VRadwood will be the first-ever Radwood virtual car show, scheduled for this weekend, April 18-19, 2020.

Here’s how it works: Entrants need merely upload pictures of their rad car, bike, outfit, or accessory to Instagram (up to 10 photos in a single post) with the tags @radwoodofficial, #VRadwood, and #RadAtHome. You must submit your entry between 11 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday, April 18, and 11 p.m. on Sunday, April 19, and should include the year, make, model, and an explanation of why the entry is, well, rad. There’s no cost to enter, but the car (or bike or whatever) has to be from the Rad era (1980-99), and it has to belong to the person who enters it.

As with real-life Radwood, there will be awards for winners at the Radwood virtual car show: Raddest Import, Raddest Domestic, Raddest Truck, Raddest Motorcycle, Raddest Dressed, Raddest Accessory, and—of course—Raddest in Show. All winners get a trophy and a Hagerty Drivers Club membership, and the Raddest in Show winner gets a set of Michelin tires.

Best of all, the Radwood virtual car show judges are us—not just us at Automobile, but all of us. Voting opens to the public on April 19 at 3 p.m. Eastern on the VRadwood page.

Radwood virtual car show organizers ask people not to set out on elaborate photo shoots—stay at home orders and all that—but to either snap the car where it is or use pre-virus photos. (Better search those floppy disks and 35mm negatives!) So, go fire up your 2400-baud modem and vote this weekend—preferably for my 1983 GMC Suburban. Awesome!

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