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Just saying hello

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Hey I've been a lurker for awhile after picking up a balt to flip... Then it turned into my primary driver.

Just a $250 about to be scraped, 08 LT, 2.2L, auto car with 5 lug and 130k.

No significant mods other that KYB GR2 shocks and struts and a lot of rehab.
The Front end had a destroyed grill, ripped bumper, crinkled hood, busted ac condenser, the suspension trashed, the entire interior covered in grime on the floor half an inch thick and an ant colony living in the jams. Plus it had the electrical gremlins where the gauges freaked out, it would not shift, stall out and power steering randomly not work. Oh and 4 bald dry rotted tires.

So I spent a lot of time at the junk yard and did a budget rehab doing everything myself.
TCM ground repair (fixed all the electrical issues).
Condenser and AC recharge.
New transmission cooler lines, fluid and filter.
Full tune up.
Bumper cover, grill and hood.
LED headlights (three ones with a good cut off line that doesn't bind people)
Detroit Axel front end rebuild.
Hub bearings, CV axles & control arms (those spinning cage nuts suck)
KYB GR2 front struts, shocks and springs.
Painted stock steel 16" rims on Michelin tires.
Passenger window regulator & both front speakers.
Oh and 40+ hours of interior cleaning, which honestly if I had to do it again I would have ripped the carpet out and gotten a decent one from the junk yard or new.

Future plans call for zzp exhaust, lowing springs, SS brake swap, SS seat swap, G6 17" rims and spoiler, aftermarket headlight housings, pioneer full sound system and maybe a SS supercharger setup if I can find one cheap in the junk yard.

So far I only have about $1300 into the entire car.
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