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Here are a few simple steps to repairing poor battery connections in your key fob.

I was beginning to experience intermittent non-functionality of my fob when I decided to open it up to see what was going on. The solder connections are weak and this is a common thing due to how typical it is to drop your keys or kick them around and who knows where else they go!

You will need:

*Key fob in need of repair
*A device or STRONG fingernail to open your fob
*Fine tipped soldering iron
*Rosin core solder
*A steady hand

1. Open up your key fob.
2. Inspect the 3 connections that retain the battery. (refer to image below)
3. If connections are broken, simply heat up the soldering iron, and remove the battery (if necessary).
4. Using VERY small amounts of solder, put a tiny bit on the end of the iron and work it into the connections that need to be soldered together.
5. Carefully reinsert the battery and reassemble the fob and test it out!

*Be mindful that when performing this repair soldering irons will get very hot and I assume no responsibility for any failed repairs or injuries.
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