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Stock LSJ Intake Filter Box: Make Offer

Stock 2.4L Intake 2006: $50+shipping/OBO

Stock LSJ Injectors: $50+shipping/OBO

Rear Bowtie: $10+shipping

Eminence Delta 10A: $30+shipping
Somehow the speakers center got pushed in, and no one knew how, I only used it once to hear it and put it back in the box, this is where it was pushed it...hmmm....anyway my dad was in a band for ever and he showed me how to fix it and said it would be fine, and tested after and it work fine.

Escort Passport G-Timer GT2: $150 OBO+shipping
When mounting it at work and trial fitting I kinda touched it with the drill lol. No internal damage and nothing seems to be not working. I haven't used it since I got my tune because I had to move it to charge the Laptop. The mount parts I made comes with it, you just need to drill into your center console, not very noticeable when removed. Or I can send you mine and send me yours in return and call it a deal for a little extra. I don't know where the owners manual is or disc, but you can find all that on Google and how to calibrate is as mine was never calibrated. Only site I can find it still retails over $200.

I also have a Eaton M62 partialy polished looking to get around $200+shipping.

42lb Siemens injectors with harness barely used $110 shipped.

3rd brake light, good for retro job $Make Offer

I also have a Traxxas TMaxx 2.5 used as a back yard basher so it obviously shows signs of damage but runs great, carb recently rebuilt and new plug with extra and new EZStart battery.

Most parts listed are OBO some including shipping others not, payments can be made through PayPal including 3% fees or send as a gift to avoid fees.

I live in Jefferson City, MO. so local meetups can work with either cash in hand or transfer to PayPal before. I'm also looking for paintball equipment so maybe we can work out a trade. I can send pics of other parts thru email since I am posting this thru my iPhone.
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