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Market Place Rules and Regulations:

As of 11/5/ are required to have at least 35 forum posts to be able to start a classified ad / or even view the classifieds forum!

So go ahead and be active on the forums and then sell your stuff! Worthless post bloating and spamming will not be tolerated.

Post threads in the correct forum.

For Sale Threads MUST have pictures. If you are selling an item, pictures are a must. If pictures are not posted within 24hrs of original thread post, it will be closed until you can provide pictures of EACH item you are selling. Pictures are not necessary for Wanted threads. First thread without pictures will be closed and you will get a warning on your thread as well as a warning in your PMs. Second one will result in an infraction (bigger warning), and the third one could result in the banning of your use of the marketplace.

New posting guidelines:

If you are posting a For Sale or Wanted thread, you will asked to choose a prefix.


For Sale:


Please select the correct one for which fits your thread.

For Sale Threads - must include the following information:

Contact Information:
Description of item/items:
Price - this means no "testing waters/feeler" threads. OBO still needs a price listed.

For sale threads must also have have a picture included which shows them forum members user ID and current date taken with the item which is for sale. An example of this would be writing your user name and the current date on a post-it note and placing it next to the item. This insures that the item being offered for sale is currently possessed by the seller.

WTB/WTT Threads - must include the following information:

Contact Information
Item you're looking for/trading

Feeler threads will no longer be aloud. You are either selling an item or you are not.

No Vendors are to post in the typical Market place. If you are a vendor and have a "item" to sell, please place it in your own vendor forum.

Forum Etiquette:

  • Do not bump threads more than once a day. Do not bump threads you did not start.
  • If you have evidence that this person is a scammer, PM a moderator.
  • Please do not low ball. It will be considered a low ball offer if you offer less than 90% of the asking price.
  • Do not spam your classified threads in other people's threads unless they specifically made such a request.(side busting)
  • Do not just paste a link to another webpage such as eBay or copy and paste from another ad. If you do this your thread will be closed.
  • If your thread gets locked, there was a reason for it. If you start another thread about the same thing you will be contacted by a moderator. If you have a question, please feel free to PM a Moderator.
  • Upon completion of a sale or receiving items wanted, please report the post saying so. The thread will then be closed.


Buying and Selling – Private party sellers may offer to sell individual items. No person, company, or business of any size shell attempt to sell merchandise, products, or services of any retail nature, or to make a profit of any kind. Anyone attempting to sell multiple quantities of items or in a retail/profit nature without being a Supporting Vendor of this site will be in violation of this site's rules and Terms of Use.

Buyer Beware - Buying, selling, and trading has inherent risks. All buying, selling, and trading on this forum is conducted at the member's own risk. takes no responsibility for any dealings undertaken among its members. We cannot guarantee the ability of any seller to complete any transaction, not guarantee the quality of any items sold by any seller. It is strongly recommended that you use C.O.D. or an online escrow service. Always use common sense and do research on the product and the seller before making any deal.

Posting in Classifieds - If you have no intention of buying what is being offered for sale, do not post. Posting to give someone a hard time because their price is too high, or to take the thread off topic, is not permitted. No "auction" style or "testing waters" threads allowed.
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