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MN and WI shout out

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Any one from the great frozen states? Any one up for a meet this year?
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WOW i just went for a cruise through Apple Valley and Burnsville and all I saw were damn civics, neons, and eclipses, not to mention the local gathering at McDonalds on Co Rd 42, oh god............those people make me laugh

Tisk Tisk didn't anyone every tell you its bad to hate? Eclipses are awesome a GSX would eat a cobalt alive, they run 14psi stock. My cobalt is stage two and I wouldn't bet money on beating a modified GSX. People that make me laugh are the ones that think just because they own a car makes every other car lame.
I see someone likes dsms here. Lol you're also talking about a tc Eclipse against a sc Cobalt. They both boost, but you can even put em in the same class. I owned a gen 1 Talon TSI and I will give you this..... They are fast as hell, but very touchy. I had wayyyyy too many problems with the motor alone. To me a DSM is worse than listening to my ex jabber my ear off for an hour. Either way I have to give all tuners props. We are not the most popular kids in the neighborhood. I'm just not the biggest fan of imports because thats all I see in central WI. Its like I'm the guy all the import guys wanna mess with.
Checking in from Mayville WI here.....Imperial Blue LS with some mods....nething figured out on a meet yet?
yo, no meets that i know of.

I just got my new rims today. they will get a test fit this weekend and come back off I don't trust our weather here lol.
what rims did you go with? I don't think we'll get "snow" again, a little powder might come down but nothing will stick
18" Tenzo Cuzco Version 2.

check out my showoff thread in my sig for pics of them. I have no pics of them with the tires on yet or on the car yet. will do that this weekend.

and I agree with you about the snow. but they get all happy with the salt on the roads sometimes even if we don't get much snow so i wanna make sure they are done with the salt crap.
Ill second this! x1,000

I like stuff that drags frame lol
Gunna be up near the MOA around 5-6pm today if anyone is in the area maybe we can meet up, i might go up there to spot some planes, i love it haha, let me know

lol i'll meet you halfway brother hahaha

well I saw your pics and stuff that was cool^^^

so the weather guy just said that the last time we did not get snow in March was 1878! wowzers.
Waseca, Minnesota here.
menomonee falls wi. hwy 100 cruise nights! hit me up if go to hwy 100
121 - 140 of 164 Posts
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