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So my buddy is selling his mustang
check it out
let me know what you think

Ford : Mustang:eBay Motors (item 290376545494 end time Dec-08-09 15:02:03 PST)

-it is Very dirty, and needs new front tires and simple work to be ready for a daily driver.

-needs simple tune ups: brakes bled, timing set again and a front end alignment.
-the only things that this car has Left to do: PAINT!! (this is rustoleum paint, i couldnt decide on a color and ran out of time to work with this car). re-upholster fold down back seat (faded and old on carpet and seat side, no holes though). change the rear drums (larger than stock) to discs. a fresh carpet kit, i didnt want carpet in it and was going to turn it into a track car, but threw an older carpet kit that was laying around from my last mustang. finally, get a new hood (this ones mounting area got damaged from being installed and left to sit with springs, instead of hood pins, which is a big no-no for fiber glass hoods. the hood is now lift off from 4 corner pins reinforced by springs from underneath, so it is fully functional, and is not a major concern, just one of the only things that left that could be done)

contact me at [email protected] for any requests/concerns

i have a few video walk arounds hosted on Youtube, email me to see those

Here is a freshly typed up list of details, not complete, but getting there:

Motor and rear axle have less than 500 miles on them, transmission has a bit more, I'm guessing around 8,000. it was in my last car, but i only had it for less than a year.

-Shelby style curved Monte Carlo bar (for long oval shaped air cleaners)
-Shelby wood and chrome steering wheel with horn.
-Shelby dash panels, dash board, instrument cluster.
-Shelby side scoops top and bottom on both sides of the car, FUNCTIONAL!!
-Shelby nose/bumper, hood, trunk, rear corner flares, tail light panel with the shelby lights inserted.
-Freshly built 351 Windsor with some work done to it; bigger Cam shaft, High rise Edelbrock Intake, four jet/barrel Holley carburetor, flat top pistons.
-5 speed Over-Drive manual transmission with brand new clutch.
-9'' rear axle; with brand new 3.50 gears, posi-traction (both tires spin).
-Brand new 4 row aluminum radiator, this large motor does not get hot, even in Los Angeles traffic! (its where I am from, and where i drove it) [sits right at 160, which is the thermostat opening temperature]
-Pertronix electronic ignition (no distributor points to gap and hassle with).
-Tri-y long tube headers.
-Fat lower sway bar, forgot the actual width, but its much strong than the factory.
-Brand new exhaust collectors and exhaust piping all the way back to the mufflers, they end right before the axle.
-Special Edition Flowmaster mufflers, they are the best sounding mufflers I've heard in my life, and have used them on 3 of my cars; if you do not like the loud rumble, i will gladly keep them and put quieter ones on.
-Disc brakes up front, installed Much larger than factory drum brakes in the back, but can be easily upgraded to discs.
-Aftermarket CD player (very nice, just came out last year) that is Ipod ready, 6 disc changer ready, and sub/amp ready.
-Brand new black leather front bucket seats.
-Fully functional fold-down back seat, just needs new upholstery (its bolted all in, and folds/unfolds without any problems.
-Complete brand new front suspension, everything has been changed; all of the control arms, bushings, A-arms, strut rods, and installed the 'power steering delete' kit.
-There is no power steering on this car, it is safer and old cars perform better without. (also Ford power steering in known for whining or making noise when turning, without the power steering you will never hear noises)
-Air shocks in the back that can be adjusted at any tire/air pump at a gas station to make the cars back end rise/lower.
-Replaced factory gauges with more accurate aftermarket gauges, that are inserted into the instrument cluster.
-Brand new front and back windows, side windows are used and have some scratches, but nothing serious.
-Brand new fuel tank, cant remember the exact size in gallons, but its an upgrade from stock.
-Magnum centerline rims, with GT40 3-spoke center inserts.
-New rebuilt battery and alternator.
-Brand new heater core, and tube housing. The heater flow-direction housing is not hooked up fully, so it does not have good air-flow direction, but everything works.
-Brand new front kick panels and rear side panels with speakers mounted in them (came like this).
-Stronger brake power booster, you can feel the difference in stopping power from other old cars.
-Brand new shocks up front, changed with the motor rebuild.
-Brand new chrome export brace.

There is no damage to this cars body and since it was rust free, it never needed bondo to cover up.

If you have any requests/concerns let me know and I will handle them immediately

a Side Note for the buyer: this car has most of its electronics run through Toggle Switches with fuses where needed done professionally: all of this can be reverted with an under the dash wiring harness
(this was done as a "just in case" set of features, if the car was having trouble starting or the alternator was going bad, i could make the power drain minimal and keep things from getting worse)
-courtesy interior lights: front two under the dash, and rear two are on seperate toggle switches
-fuel gauge has a toggle
-power antenna (out of a new cadillac) two switches, they control the up/down motions, both switches off can cut the power to the antenna while its fully raised while still boosting radio signal without giving it additional power
-stereo has a toggle, with the Constant power wire hooked to the factory fuse box, so it stores CD/time/settings information
-cigarette lighter has a toggle, i usually have cellphone/mp3 chargers plugged in at all times, and usually forgot to unplug them
-the other switches were going to be used eventually as other things, but now are of no use
-there is one switch with a power wire running discretely to the top of the car, next to where the factory rear view mirror screws in; i was going to install an overhead dome light, never got around to that, the wire can easily be pulled back out.

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generally, not a fan of older cars, especially mustangs of all years, but I could see someone buying this and doing some serious custom work on it, like a craaazy moulded fibreglass sound system, sick interior lighting etc, and making it a crazy show car, with a mix of custom, clean vintage and new, sleek electronix/lighting. I would love to see that.

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generally, not a fan of older cars, especially mustangs of all years, but I could see someone buying this and doing some serious custom work on it, like a craaazy moulded fibreglass sound system, sick interior lighting etc, and making it a crazy show car, with a mix of custom, clean vintage and new, sleek electronix/lighting. I would love to see that.
yeah this is the same model at the one in Gone In 60 seconds. that one just has a ton of more work into it.

this stang is awesome. you would have to see it in person to really get the full effect of the car. I was like DAYYUUM when i first saw it. Then i got to drive it =] thats a whole different storie

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