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I've been a member for about 2 years now. I bought my little G5 as a complimentary daily driver to my 2006 GTO project car.

The only reason I bought this car was because it was a Pontiac and was orange. The Delta Body style has similar lines to the GTO (a.k.a. Holden Monaro), and I thought it would be cool to own a car that looks sorta like a little GTO. I've dub'd this car the "GT-oh?". The car came with a GMPP CAI, but I cannot leave anything stock. My first mods were to replace the old headlights with black / chrome ones, remove the spoiler, add a 'Balt SS rear bumper lip (where I modded the grille inserts), and I put G6 GT 18" wheels on it.

Wheel Land vehicle Tire Car Window

Then I performed my first oil change on the car at 112K miles and blue smoke started pouring from the exhaust...whoops! I looked for parts, but because of CoVID, I couldn't find parts to rebuild the motor. Instead I had to purchase a used (65K mile) motor. While I was putting it all back together, I wound up having / wanting to replace a TON of parts, (front sway bar was cracked, steering rack dust cover was badly torn, bushings and end links needed to be replaced because I couldn't find an FE3 sway). I also I upgraded the brakes to LNF Brembo's ($75 on eBay, but the calipers were beat and needed a rebuild), I got new drilled / slotted front rotors and painted the brakes "Pontiac Blue Metallic" to match the motor and replaced the timing chains. I bought ZZP LE5 cams, the T/B adapter plate for the LSJ throttle body, I home ported the stock exhaust ports and port matched the intake manifold to the head. I haven't installed the cams, because I was having issues with the ECM tune from ZZP. When I had the ECM reprogrammed, for the larger T/B and adapter plate, the car wouldn't run at all...

Those parts are on the shelf and waiting, until I get time to sort it out.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle brake Locking hubs Motor vehicle

πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Don't worry, I put the rotors on correctly

πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ I also swapped out the gauge overlay for one I had made (special) by BLACK CAT CUSTOM. These match the Classic Instruments Yellow AutoCross series gauges I got for it

Automotive tire Gauge Speedometer Automotive lighting Font

Vehicle Car Speedometer Motor vehicle Automotive design

A few weeks ago, I installed new (chrome) door handles and added some sound deadener foam inside of the doors. When I bought this car, the drivers side door handle was body color, but the passenger side was sanded down like someone was going to paint it...but didn't. It always bothered me, so I replaced it.

Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood Bumper Vehicle door

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

...and here's a very rare picture of my two Orange Pontiacs side by side. Neither car is finished. The GTO is not done yet. It was supposed to be running by now, but the rebuilt differential is in California waiting to be shipped back. The Drive Shaft Shop (DSS) 1400 hp axles haven't even been made for it and I still have to get the fuel system sorted properly. The GTO is Brazen Orange Metallic (only came in 2006), with an RPM Transmissions, Level 6 M6. That is bolted to a: sleeved, stroked and blown 421 cid / 6.9 Litre. The power adder is an LS9 which features an independent belt drive I designed / made; as well as an inverted snout inlet (to clear the stock hood). I also I redesigned a DuSPEED CAI to work with the LS9. Once finished, it should be in the 900- 950 rwhp arena.
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Good score on the bimbo calipers
Btw do you have ABS on your 06?
Thanks and the GTO has ABS.

I should add, I didn't add / put in the hub spacer that some people say should go with the Cobalt Brembo's. Being these are quad piston, I feel the pistons will sort themselves out and balance the brake pads side to side.

I was at the local junk yard looking for a better center console (mine is broken) and a couple of smaller odds and ends, when I had an idea. Since I will be at the Pontiac Adventures this weekend and NOT bringing my GTO (which makes me sad πŸ˜•), I had an idea. I originally was looking for a Honda emblem, but trying to find one that says "Honda" is impossible. Instead, I found an "O" and "H" which were similar.

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tail & brake light Automotive design Motor vehicle

So, now I have a GT-oh. I forget what I took the "O" off of, but the "H" is off a Ford Five Hundred. The "O" is a little too big for my liking. I made the "!" from some old stainless steel. In retrospect, I should have tried to make a "?", but that would have taken a few hours to get the shape of that correct. I may go back tonight and grab the "U" from the Ford so it will be a GT-uh! I'm not sure which I'll keep. I thought the GTO and a GT-oh? would have been funny.//
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I do like your GT 0H!

Here are a few pictures I took of the car recently:

I went to Pontiac Adventures (Sept 30th to October 2nd, 2022). This was at the Saturday night Tailgate Party / Cookout.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle

On Friday morning, a bunch of us did a driving tour, which ultimately ended at the Dells Raceway Park. Everyone who participated got several "Hot Laps" on the 1/8th mile oval. I took my G5 on the track a couple of times. My car is (unfortunately) an automatic. It's also a 2007, which means NO traction control On/Off button. The fist time was kind of a bust for me. The car was fighting me, because the "Low Traction" light went on as I went into the first turn. I literally had to stop and put the car into low gear to disable the traction control...

However, the car would then, downshift coming out of the turns and then shift into second for the straights. It wasn't "ideal", but it was certainly fun. These were all the car who went to the race track and tracked their cars...YES, those are classic's in the first row (specifically from left to right, a 1963 Grand Prix, a 1968 Firebird and 1974 Grand Am). However, if you loo at the very center of the picture, you might notice the little Delta bodied Fusion "5"....

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Tire Wheel

Wheel Tire Cloud Sky Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

This is my car ( I was the third runner up in the "Modern Modified" class), next to the winner of the class...(noting, here were only 4 of us in the class! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ )

In September, I took a drive to South Dakota and managed to snap off a few pics on the ride up...

Taken at Darr's Service in LaGrange, WI.

Tire Wheel Car Sky Vehicle

Snuffy's Still in Milton Wi.

Tire Wheel Car Sky Vehicle

Porter Sculpture Park in Humbolt, South Dakota:

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Sky Car Land vehicle Automotive side marker light

...and a quick pic at a roadside attraction coming back from "Pontiac Adventures".

Pinky the Elephant in DeForrest WI.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Sky Car Cloud Vehicle Elephant

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I took these the other day. I'd like to get pics of the car amongst the trees turning colors...but most of the trees are still green. Fall has started, but the leaves haven't changed yet. Oh well.
I snapped this while at my mom's place. The 'mum is almost the same color as the car...

Automotive parking light Sky Automotive side marker light Tire Wheel

I had a webinar earlier in the morning. This is when I stopped for coffee (on my way to the office).

Cloud Car Wheel Sky Tire

I haven't posted this on on here yet, but during the summer, I popped this pic off. I love the triple gauge pod, but I'm going to yank it off and re-mod that a little better. It fits O.K, the gauges are good, but the pods aren't angled perfectly. I'm probably going to remove them completely and stagger them a little better.

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant

Here's a pic of some of the work I already did. After a few months of looking at it, I just need to tweak it slightly.

Automotive tire Bicycle tire Motor vehicle Tread Wood

Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design
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