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I hadnt found the intro section in a previous post. I guess i was to eager to post. Anyway, bought my '06 Cobalt LT automatic sedan in April 2019 for $300, which sounds crazy to most people. But the guy I bought it from was oblivious to what the car was worth and desperate to get rid of it so not to be charged and extra parking spot by the apartment complex.

I have owned many cars over the years. First car being a 1987 Honda Accord sedan. Modded the cylinder head, installed a Weber performance carburator, Pacesetter longtube header, and 2.25" cat back exhaust. Also tweaked the kickdown cable on the trans to let it redline a bit higher than stock. Also did a rear disk swap. It sure was a fun car and really nobody else had an Accord that old fixed up.

Second car was a 1976 Datsun 280Z with fuel injection. Had planned to do some mods but college got in the way. The car has since rusted out beyond being repairable. Those cars are notorious for rusting.

Third was a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT 5MT. Had a turbo back 3" exhaust with dual Magnaflow mufflers. Also had a Cobb II tune and larger sway bars. The engine blew up after just 2,700 miles of owning it due to oil consumption. I make sure to frequently check the oil in my cars as ive gotten older. This was a quick little car that would do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and quarter mile in 12.99 seconds almost every time. The car died new years 2009 when i was hit by a drunk driver that drove strait into me while I was stopped in a turning lane.

Next came my favorite. A 2001 BMW 740i. I installed quad driving lights where the stock fog lights went so to match the headlights. Updated the hid bulbs to 6000k. Now all the new cars have 6000k headlights, like anything with leds. Also deleted the car phone in the armrest and installed a tray that was optional. Almost all of them had an ugly flip phone or just the holder for it. I also bought a set of staggered 19s from a newer 760Li which were only optioned for the V12. They were 19X9 up front and 19X10 in the rear. I still have the wheels even though the car is long gone. Mainly in hopes I'll buy another bimmer 7 series.

After the bimmer I bought my dream car from when I was a kid. A 1991 Mercedes Benz 420SEL. Which was the last year for the classic body style S class. At one point I had a set of 18" AMG replicas on it. I also bought a set of AMG 17s but never got around to buying tires. Unfortunately the transmission decided to die and the car has sat for several years now. It also has some rusf and needs the valve guides replaced and timing chains done. So lots of money just in parts, although I can do the work myself. Its on jack stands just waiting. What the car really needs in an LSX swap. Thats what I'd reallt like to do, but again, gotta have money to blow for a project like that.

Lastly before the Cobalt I had purchased a 1991 Lincoln Town Car. This one needed basic maintenance of all the fluids which I did it all. Interior is great with very little wear. The engine and trans are in great shape due to being owned by a senior its whole life. Ive installed white wall Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires to give it the correct look. Just doesn't look right without white walls. Unfortunately the car was wrecked after a car pull out in front of me. Luckily ive gathered almost everything to fix it as it was all cosmetic damage. But the whole car needs a paint job so its waiting for that.

Now more about me and less about my cars. I have grown up around cars. Stepdad was into buying and selling used cars so I started working on cars early on. Started with a Powerwheels Corvette at about 2.5 years old. Got my first bike right before that. So ive been mobile since very young. At about 7 or 8 I was given a go cart by my stepdad. So I had learned to fix the little Briggs & Stratton engine and how they worked. Also helping work on a lot of older Mercedes around that time. Always enjoyed cars and could name the cars before I could read. Ive collected diecast cars and Hot Wheels from very young and still regularly buy Hot Wheels. They're fun to collect, trade, and hunt for. I went to college for automotive technology. I enjoyed suspension and alignments. I have worked for the past six years as an alignment technician. Although I do much more than just alignments. Before that I worked for another shop which I got burned out at because of having to do so much office work. I was really great as an office manager but loathed going into work every single day. Before that I worked for O'reilly Auto Parts for seven years. Although i enjoyed the job, it was a very dead end corporately run business and they really didnt give a crap about employees. Or at least it was like that back then. I still purchase parts from them daily at the shop.

I know my '06 Cobalt doesnt have much going for it in support for modifications. But I may do a little for the suspension and visual improvements. Its been a great car for the past 11 months so far. And hopefully will be for at least a few years if i keep it that long. Knowing myself well, I'll end up holding onto the car for a while.
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