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I seen some of the designs on here and figured id try something different. So i decided id change the fabric in the doors, this is what happen.

first i decided on the fabric i chose i smooth type leather or so it looks, went to the fabric shop and got a yard for $8. just enough to do all doors. I didn't do all at once just experimented on the back door first. This is what I used and how I did it.

These are what I used.

A butane burner, screwdriver, fabric glue, butane fuel, and the fabric.

this is what the door looked like before i detached it, i had used vinyl spray paint to paint the whole door at first.

next i filled the butane burner up and tested it.

I noticed that the panels are all plastic and where melted after installed so the thing was to reheat them to loosen it up.

this is what the panel looks like when taken out. I heated the plastic and used the screwdriver to pry it up, after a few of em where out then u can basically pull the panel up while u heat the rest

I tore off the old fabric so the glue could stick to the other side firmly.

measured how much out of the fabric i needed to cut and cut it out.

mind you the glue is messy and sticky as hell so be prepared for a messy job but the end result looked pretty damn good if i say so.

Its a little hassle getting that panel back on because you have to reheat what you melted and push it threw the holes, my suggestion would be to have some help at this point because someone has to heat the plastic while the other person pushes the panel threw so they can rejoin and settle and harden. Make sure when you squeeze the joined parts together you have them firmly together or it will look like its falling apart, it took me two hours on the part cuz i had no help.

this is the old and new fabric

I wanted to see how the center counsel would look so i did it on that also

and after a few hours of work this is the end result

aw gees now there's three more doors to do but its worth it in the end, I do plan on doing the top and back upholstery later maybe tomorrow I'm sure this will be much easier ill keep you posted
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