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New member in need of assistance please!

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Hello guys! I'm Kelsey, a 28 year old women who seeks some maintenance help, March 13th I got into a car accident that punctured a pinky sized hole threw my oil pan... (Keeping in mind I live out of my vehicle..) and ever since I've been down and out without it! ive turned everywhere possible to get help replacing it.. nothing has held up, nobody shows up... I've gotten the new replacement for it and I would be forever greatful if anyone would be willing to take the time to help me get it on... The old pan is only a few bolts from fully removed already and you'll need your own tools/equipment to the generous assistance if your willing to provide it. Unfortunately I have no tools, the jack I own isn't very promising either...
Thank you to anyone who takes there time to read this, I'm currently living out of it/using it for storage of all my belongings... I need it back so badly to begin work again and take care of myself (and my two pets) ... I'm flat broke when it comes down to it and living off of what I can so I apologize I can't offer much of anything.. I'm just running out of my options and praying I'll come across someone to assist me to get back on my feet again. Feel free to text me at anytime, (435)236-1048, again my name is Kelsey, I'm willing to answer any questions or guidance on what to do next.. (may respond late, my phone isn't always charged) I'm located in downtown SLC Utah. Message me for any further details and I'll gladly get back to you ASAP!!
Enjoy the rest of your day. Stay safe!
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