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Hello everyone.

Im the guy that is going to maybe build fiberglass Cobalt parts to sell.

I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself, and post a few pics of my car and some stuff Im working on.

My name is Bobby, Im from Oklahoma. I love to build custom cars.

I build custom turbo kits and custom fiberglass parts, along with Paint and Body.

Someday I might put a turbocharged Cobalt engine in one of my 91 Isuzu Impulse RS AWD cars. I think it would be sweet and it will bolt to my tranny and has more power potential than the engine that came in my car. Its a 1.6l DOHC turbo engine.

I am currently building a front lip and sideskirts for my Impulse. I have changed the design of the lip a couple times. Next is sideskirts and rear diffuser.

Here is a few pics

Picture of it stock with fiberglass fenders and hood.

Pic of one of the quarter moulds, This one isnt a full mould because these were only made to replace the part that rots out on most Isuzu Impulse's and Geo storms. It hasnt been trimmed yet in the pic.

My engine bay, its real dirty. I was changing my turbo setup.

Pic of inside of fiberglass and metal fender

I have more pics of other stuff, but I have to dig to find it. Like pics of my dads SOHC turbo stealth running 13psi. it has custom bodykit and hood. It is in the background of the pics of my car with the flares and front lip.
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