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Hey hey all, name is Tom (hence the screen name cobalt tom). If any of you are on my screen name there is NWAE Cobalt and probly have seen me :laugh:
Have had my LS for 3.5 years now, bought it with nothing (not even floor mats) and have quite a bit done (mod list to follow). Im pretty busy with the local cobalts; doing work with them on their cars, racing, etc. Anywho, Im here now and am enjoying the site, as far as the LS goes you can ask me just about anything on it as I have ripped 95% of this car apart at diff times :laugh: and I am happy to help :)

oh ya, and I live in Auburn, WA (just south of seattle)
here is the mod list, some vids, and pics of the car...
oh, and remember lol, its a 2.2LS and is still N/A :bigsmile:

Ebay cold air intake
AEM dryflow filter
2.4l intake manifold
2.4l throttle body
stage 2 Comp cams
lsj injectors
shaved cylinder head .020"
Jason Smith strut bar
Clear Image 4-2-1 header
Clear Image 2.5" catless DP
Clear Image 3" catback w/ Magnaflow muffler & resontator
H&R sport springs
SS/TC struts/ shocks
MRZ lightweight alternator pulley
MRZ lightweight crank pulley
TTR tranny mounts
TTR solid engine mount
TTR rear sway bar
Trifecta Tune
Ebay oil catch can

17" ADR phantoms wrapped in 205/40/17 Kuhmo Ecsta's (installing 225/25/17 Nitto Neogens this weekend)
15% tint all around
10k HIDs in fogs
8k HIDs in headlights
Custom shorty antenna
SS/SC spoiler with black end caps
Swapped for LT bumper
Factory fog lights
Black front Chevy emblem
Black painted brake drums
LED 3rd brake light conversion decals :cssNET:

Swapped all grey stock pieces (including seats) for 2.4SS black interior pieces (non-leather)
140mph gauges
Black Cat Customs gauges
Ebay short shifter
ZZP black triple gauge pod
Glow Shift 7 color tinted oil pressure gauge
Autometer Cobalt series narrow band (for now)
Autometer Cobalt series water temp gauge
Custom gauge mount in the change holder (small pull out on left of steering wheel) with Cobalt series Volt gauge
Black passenger A-pillar
Color matched silver engine and interior trim
Gloss black valve cover
Underdash LEDs (red)
Hardwired Cobra radar detector
Prestige alarm w/ power locks
Aftermarket power windows
Oem armrest
Pioneer Premier head unit w/ ipod hookup\
JBL 300.1 monoblock amp
2x12" 700w dual subs in ported box.

Set of stock FE1 springs with inflated footballs in them as drag bags for the track

Future Plans Black ss/sc door panels with stock switch sets in the shed needing to be installed.
after that: Full N/A built motor, wider lightweight rims w/ nitto neogens, drag radials on a second set of rims, spec stg 2 clutch, lightweight flywheel, 280mm front brakes, racing seats, rear disc conversion, and some other odds and ends ;)

Other info: Helped with Vince with trifecta as the beta test car for the 2.2 tune. Was at 180.16 whp w/ 164.91 wtq but afr was at approx 11 and has been fixed to 13+ (need to redyno...). Once i can catch traction at the track I will have better times, so far I am at 14.951@94mph w/ 2.3 60'

some videos:
Track run:
YouTube - Toms good night at the strip 2
YouTube - toms crappy track run
a few dyno runs:
YouTube - 06 cobalt 2.2l w/ stg 2 cams dyno 2
YouTube - 06 cobalt 2.2l w/ stg 2 cams dyno 3
some take offs and flybys right after tuning:
YouTube - 06 cobalt ls cammed after tune 3
idle, rev, exhuast pressure:
YouTube - 06 ls cobalt w/ stg 2 cams at idle, rev, and exhaust pressure


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Hi! &
Nice balt!! you and my gf apparently need to talk, she has the same ideas for her white cobalt as you do for yours lol, and same way of thinking, she used to be into mini trucks and stuff...and now the balt haha, she is a member on cssn, but should be here shortly :)

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hey i remember you. this guy has the highest performance cobalt around ;) i voted for you in COTM! lol welcome

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Hey your car looks really nice!

I have a question about the gauges on the pilar.
First off, were they hard to install? Also what does each gauge do? And how much does a mod like that cost? Sorry i havent done anything like that to my car yet but i love how it looks. Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the site.
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