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Here it is there is someone sending out and old scam with this new twist add. So far I have gotten two of them and reported both. Remember if you can please report all scams.
The email that came it is call ALERT your account information has changed.
Most of us would say spam and delete it . But here is how this one is fooling some.
First of all if you ever changed a password or email with a credit card company you will get an ALERT message to make sure you did do the changing.
That is why this email is getting many to fall for it.
You open the email and you see the last four digits of an account but those are not your numbers( example 1790). And then you look at the rest of the email and see that the to emails addresses are not your.
Now the fear sets in many questions run through your head like what is this? Did someone open an account in my name? .
Well that is the reason they set this email up this way. So that if you call them the first thing you do is give them your name and then you say this is not my account my account number ends with 3980. Well now you made a big mistake for now they have your name and the last four digites of you account. And now all they do is start running different combinations and find the rest of the numbers.
You can see how this dose work now here is what you look for first.

1.Look up the bank online and find there phone number DO NOT USE THE PHONE NUMBER IN THE EMAIL . The reason is that they are now changing two numbers if the banks phone number last four digites are 2893 they will have them 2983 . In most cases this goes to a phone that is not working. And that way you will use the link in the email.

2.As for the email address to the bank in the email it is false I have noticed many different types DON'T CLICK ON THERE ADDRESS.
I have seen (example citibank they have citbank, BankofAmerica they have bankfamercia) So never us there email address.

3. Then why would they send this email out in the first place they are looking for information they can use to set up an account in someone else name and run up charges. Or if it s a debit card drain your account.

4.If you have a card from the place the emails is claiming it is from call them using the number on the back of your card. Most times they will give you a reporting address and please follow through report it.

5.If you need an abuse reporting address I my be able to help you find it I have over 250 . When I get spam mail I report it.
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