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So I've got 2 2007 cobalts (a crashed coupe and a lemon sedan I bought cheap)

Okay so sedan had no gas tank no exhaust a shaved key and anti theft stuck on (when I bought it)160 thousand miles on the odometer. And it's been around a few owner who apparently didn't know Jack about cars but knew electrical. (It's passed hands probably 2-3times before I bought it and it hasn't ran since the first owner)

The coupe was my daily driver with not a single issue until a crash on the passenger pillar at 75 thousand miles on the odometer(but still ran and drove despite frame damage)

(Sedan) On top of that a bump button to the starter was installed by a previous owner and it looks like a few other ghetto wiring mods in a failed attempt to get the car to crank and also start.

This has me wanting to swap motors and harnesses (considering my sedan has an air pump to the exhaust and the coupe does not)

Anyways after installing the gas tank and exhaust as well as swapping steering columns (to interchange ignition cylinders with ease) the anti theft turned off. But when I turn the key all you hear is relays engage but it doesn't crank. I can't even hear the fuel pump engage.

I talked to a Volkswagen guy and he said the beetles you can't just swap computers (under the hood next to the fuse box) and ignition. You must also swap bcm and the guages to have a "whole brain for a car work in a different body" because the Imobilizer (in a VW beetle) is in the guages but it also has to recognize the bcm, the computers AND ignition in order to crank otherwise a headache of programming or high dealership fees is coming your way

So up up s*** creek without a paddle here wondering where the bcm is located as well as lacking the advice of wether a Cobalt fan knows if this will clear my issue.

I have 4 cars and two bikes. You would think I have something to drive but I'm stuck wasting money on a rental car... Advice appreciated please I specialize in antique cars for a reason (no computer bs involved)
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