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Gregory DaMota
Fairbanks, AK
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For sale right now I have 5 pairs of sunglasses that are used (you will notice with the reasonable price) that I want to sell to help fund a couple upgrades for my balt. These are all 100% autentic for the main reason I wore these for a little while and I refuse to wear fake brands. OK I'll get started.

#1 Nike Curfew Sunglasses - I have had these for a few years but only wore them for a couple monthes (at the most). There a Brushed Gold aviator style frame and do show some signs of wear with a few scratches on the lenses, but that's not too bad when replacement lenses cost 5-20 dollars. The arms are really flexable and can be molded to the shape of your head.

As you can see there used but still in good condition with minor scratches on the left lense. 45$ Shipped.

#2 Electric Killowatt Sunglasses - I just got these last year and maybe wore them for 2 weeks, they just weren't the style I thought they were when I bought them. There a Gloss Black with Grey Lense and fit bigger heads pretty well.

There in great condition with a scratch on the very tip of the left arm, and need to be cleaned. 60$ Shipped

#3 Oakley A Wire Sunglasses - These I have had for a long time and they don't really show it very much. There a silver frame with Emerald Iridium Lenses. Replacement lenses for these are rather hard to find due to them being discontinued, but some eyewear shops can make replacement lenses, and Ebay with have them some times as well.

Being that there discontinued and it is hard to find replacement lenses (even though these ones are in good shape with a minor scratch. They are 45$ Shipped

#4 Oakley Dartboard Sunglasses - These are more of a shield then a pare of sunglasses IMO but they are comfortable and they are Polarized. I really wore these twice. But due to storage that hace minor scratches on the lenses.

Im willing to part with these for 70$ shipped due to them being Polarized but with minor scratches.

#5 Oakley Frogskins - These are a big time hype right now everyone wants a pair and retail stores run out fast, they sell on ebay for up to 250 dollars due to them being hard to get. I have worn mine a little but I prefer my Jupiters alot more.

Great condition, minor wear, very popular 75$ Shipped

I have a couple more pairs but I doubt anyone will pay what I want for them and maybe not these either, I am open to offers PM me and any reasonable offer will be taken into consideration. I ship Priority Mail flat rate, its the cheapest and fastest route out of AK usually arrives in 3-4 days. Thanks for looking.
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