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OK everyone here it is!!! Finally a new meet. This is for ALL Ecotec powered cars!! Not just LSJs. That's everything from the Astra or Aura to a G6 or HHR. If it comes with an Ecotec's totally welcome. We want to make this the big one!!

October 18th @ 11am at the location in the middle of the map below (on the corner of 15th St. and Nimitz Ave.)....

15th and nimitz, vallejo, ca - Google Maps

If you are going, please add your name to the list below. We want to make this one big everyone....if you see a car that can come...put a note on it or talk to the owner. Lets do this!!!

Here's the list:

1. Hondahater (RLF)
3. Twoods450 (RLF)
4. JDNav (RLF)
5. tummy (RLF)/Slowbalt_06 (SS)
6. scottyguy401 (SS)
8. TonyTuna (SS)
9. leamc22 (SS)
10. redfire (RLF)
11. CobaltLs_14 (SS)
12. chaosic (SS)
13. XTC_916 (SS)
14. El Mariachi (SS)
15. drew1991sf (SS)
16. eddie (SS)
17. MufcDroog (SS)
18. cobaltSS2.4liter (SS)
19. ChriSS/SC (SS)
20. tvalentino (SS)
21. blissmaster13 (SS)
22. XXL (HHR)
23. 1HotHHR (HHR)

Add numbers as needed!

Need any further info....PM me please!!
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