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Whats up guys,
A buddy of mine is organizing the next big East Coast Cobalt meet. This meet will be AUGUST 27TH - 29TH in Virginia Beach. Still hammering out the rest of the details so ill keep updating this OP as time goes, but just to get the dates out there for people to take off! If you are a VA Beach Local, please help out here and give us some heads up. Everyone's suggestions are welcome! But opinions differ so please be open to ideas!


Friday the 27th - Show up to the Hotel and get yourself situated. Maybe well go out to a late dinner or something, get some beers and meet people.

Saturday the 28th - The main day for the meet, Everybody who didnt show up friday shows up. Then:

Dyno at All Aspects Motorsports. DynoJet.

Start time: 8:00 a.m. 'till last car done.

Cost: Only $45 for 3 pulls with AFR.

At least 10 cars to get this price! In Feb. we had around 20 and were done by noon.

Sign up on the list. BennyHHR will keep track of all runs, get the data (he has DynoJet software!) and after the meet email everyone their printout. No printouts the day of event to keep things moving. Phone #s will be requested if there is a question of name and email, 'cause everyone can't write that good! Then Lots of Pictures, lots of fun for the rest of the day. What to do after the dyno is up in the air. Maybe lunch, whatever. Well discuss this as it gets closer :) Plan on cruising up and down the strip. Saturday night is party night.

Sunday the 29th - Breakfast, hangover day, and everybody rolls out mid afternoon to head back.


Cedar Tree Inn and Suites: 721 Conference Center Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Cheap Hotels Best Cheap Deals | Cheap hotels in Chesapeake, VA Cedar Tree Inn & Suites

Phone: (757) 366-0100

Hotel rates are $82.62 a night after tax per night. Get a room with 2 double beds and divide that by 4 and you get $20.65 a person per night. Your booking nights for Friday August 27th - August 29th, depending on which nights you can stay, and Tell them you are with East Coast Cobalts. They will do there best to give us all rooms together. You can find prices cheaper for this Hotel through Priceline and online booking sights, but they will not know you are with ECC. If you want rooms together, fork up the extra money, if you dont care, then go through Priceline. One your booked, post up so we can see who all is staying :)

Room 1:
-Gestapo007 - Josh - Nate - Jon (Not booked yet)

Room 2:
- Tim - Spencer - Need 2 more people
Room 3:

Room 4:


1. Gestapo007
2. I XsTaT1c I
3. TheFisheyisblue
4. Deathscythe
5. Josh
6. closet_racer
7. TwiztedSS
8. Domin8
9. Koenreich
10. godsr4u2
11. Billig ss/sc
12. BenJaminSSSC
13. McShibbs
14. BennyHHR
15. Mindrot (NVE)
16. HIValicious
17. CobaltSST/C
18. 1Quick07SS
19. Blue_Balt
20. wantedSS/TC
21. sprchrgdss
22. nybull05
23. medicsstc
24. Chris (NVE)
25. Phil (NVE)
27. Brett (NVE)
28. Missy (NVE)
29. Andy (NVE)
30. Nolan (NVE)
31. Justin (NVE)
32. Mechs
33. Jthomas9
34. Chevymanva (NVE)
35. Ryan (NVE)
36. Sebastian (NVE)
37. rallycobalt06
38. Cody (NVE)
39. Chris G(NVE)
40. Spencer
41. Bill (NVE)

T-Shirt List: Please Add Shirt Color and Text Color to the List. Shirts are $10

1. Gestapo007 - Black Shirt - Orange Lettering
2. McShibbs - White Shirt - Black Text
3. occsdude - Red shirt - Black Letters
4. sprchrgdss - White Shirt - Purple Letters
5. emilypaige - White ECC Shirt - Black Text
6. TwiztedCo - Black shirt - candy green lettering
7. Koenreich
8. 1Quick07SS - Grey shirt - Black letters
9. ssfrompa - Black shirt - Red Letters
10. Deathscythe - Black Shirt - Red letters
11. cobaltsst/c - Red Shirt - Black Letters
12. Medicsstc - Black Shirt Red Letters


1. sprchrgdss
2. Mindrot
3. Deathscythe
4. rallycobalt06
5. Domin8
6. I XsTaT1c I

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I'm game for this! Add me down, and let me get a T-shirt and Dyno bro! :) Black Shirt, red lettering

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haha alright Levi I'll add you. I don't know if Chris is coming or not anymore so we need to talk to him. and if not then we need to figure out find 2 other people to room with. unless you are comfortable with splitting the $80 room cost.

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I've got 2 other people that can go, they wont be in balts, but they will be coming.

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Alright cool, Chris and I had originally planned on rooming together so if he does come me and him will be rooming together.

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ohh also If you want the T-shirt you need to pay pal [email protected]. He only accepts Pay Pal. If you do Pay Pal him let me know please. I might need you to pay for my shirt and I will pay you back. also include the details on what you want on the shirt and what color you want the shirt to be.
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