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Not too many performance mods, just a custom Spectre intake
Everything was done by me some stuff isn't finished yet so feel free to criticize
Current Mods

-Pilot Underbody Neons
-Custom Intake
-Removed Engine Cover
-1000W 2 12" Visonik Subs and 3000W 6 10" Visonik Subs
-2.5% Window Tint
-Netami Racing Seatbelts
-Netami Colored Bulbs (Dome, Trunk, License Plate Lights)
-Switch Plate for Subs and Neons
-Red Pilot Shift Knob and Boot
-R-Racing Red and Black Floor Mats
-Removed Rear Headrests
-Removed Seatbelt Holders (thanks to Beam1229)
-Remove Stock Seatbelts
-Pioneer Head Unit
-Paint Interior Red and Black
-Black Door Panels
-Red Vinyl Door Inserts
-Remove Airbag Decals

Soon to Come...
-Eibach Sportline Springs
-10-15% Tint on Front Windows
-5% Tint on Back three Windows
-Driver Side Triple Gauge Pod
-Cat Back Exhaust
-Cobalt Third Brakelight Decal
-Gauge Overlay
-17 or 18 inch Rims
-Red Underdash Neons
-Red and Black Racing Seats
-SS Style Spoiler
-Paint Calipers Red
-Red Paint on Under the Hood Plastics/and Red Wire Covers
-Customize Rear Shelf
-New Speakers
-Debadge All Except Front Bowtie which is to be painted black


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Yup, got little red x's here too :(
Sounds like a purdy good mod list tho... I took my rear headrests out too... looks so much better! LOL
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