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Oil leak coming from left side of engine

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Hey all I am having a problem and hope you guy's can help I have developed a oil leak on the left side of the engine in front I have a 2006 cobalt ss and it looks like it is leaking from the oil filter housing but I don't think it is it is right above the transmission it looks like it is maybe coming from what looks like a oil cooler has anyone had this problem because I can not figure out where it is coming from so any help would be appreciated thanks pat
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The oil filter housing has a big O-ring. You can re-use it once or twice but eventually it will leak. Change that O-ring with a new one and that should do it. Also if you have an external oil cooler check the lines for leaks.
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those plastic filter caps crack also, cheap enough and you get a filter with it, Ac delco.
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