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Coming from a two-year placement in Germany in the Army, I looked closely at the Chevrolet Cobalts Americans owned, and the native European Opel Astra which I personally owned. Close comparison between the Astra "G" (98-04) and the Cobalt show striking similarities in body. All lines and designs in the body match each other up front. The cars even share the same doors. The outline is similar. The only thing different is the back of the cars but the Cobalt still bears an indention of the rear Astra taillights (4 Astra body styles)

My idea is simple: Import parts overseas and swap parts (Hood, Headlights, Bumper, Fenders, rubber pieces, etc.) and have a hybrid Cobalt-Astra. I don't know if this is actually feasible or not but I think it would work. Both cars are of GM design.
(I could also be extra and put Astra GTC parts on a Cobalt SS)

From a community vested with Cobalts, what would you think?


Pictured is my old Opel. Blew the engine shortly before I left, probably due to driving it pedal to the metal at all times on the Autobahn. Highest speed achieved was 190 Km (115 MPH) which is what the winter tires were rated for.
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