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The message I had is lost. Just love this ipad. :(
So taking wise advise i have settled on
Rock Auto for the intermediat shaft. I get it, no problem, i just have to do it if I want it right.
What rack?
I see different part numbers for FE3,FE5. FE3&5 the same. FE1 is different and post that say all cobalt racks are the same.
With the exception of the 08--> FE5 with shorter knuckel arms, tie rods & ends COULD be the same.
@114k miles, i know it has liveed well. Maybe past it's prime. Getting it out of the way for the sway bar will not hurt.

Crawling down to replace one think,
might as well fix the well worn rack at the same time and i know the rod ends are no longer as tight as gm shipped it.

So is there a difference in Cobalt fe1-fe5 05-07 and 08LS complete rack assembly?

While i commit to the stering shaft--> rack, it's time to do the FE5 sway bar. I see the 05 single clamp works with the correct bushings. The question is. Can the frame be drilled for nut & bolt for the 2 hole clamps, bother to worth.

Found New FE5 front springs at gmparts @ $43 each...dont concider that out of line.
So depending on sway bar its lookin like another $300-ish and it should feel brand new without any knocks bumps or grinds.

So I will post a WTB FE5 sway bar and see what pops up and start ordering the other pasts as i learn
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Not open for further replies.